Tuesday, July 29, 2008

monday 28/07/08 (trying)

trying to remove the clutter in my lifet
rying seriously hard to organise it
trying hard to make sense out of everything that happens
trying to understand why i just cant expect everyone to be truthhfu
ltrying but knowing i couldnt possibly get the perfect lady
trying not to be wanting
trying not to fall in love
trying really hard to be a success in business
trying to be confident and bold in the face of adversity

suNdAy 27/07/08 (Naeto C)

I've only bought two nigerian albums this year...
the 1st was Sasha's first lady: she's the queen of nigerian rap...
and she's got an album...and i like female mcs
and the 2nd's Naeto C's You Know My P: i had listened to Sitting on top
and rocked to Kini Big Deal...and i'm like ...what wld the album be like...lol

and by the way, its not a coincidence that they're both storm artists...
they seem to be doing something right.

I would like to proclaim Naeto my own Nigerian version of Jay Z...
The Swagger, Repertoire and Confidence in Lyrics

Here's what i think abt each track:

Lagos City Hustler: its infused with Afrobeats, a joint you could always bump your head to....Naeto's a proud Ibo boi and attributes his success to been business savvy...
fav line:i rep the 2% but i identify with the 98

I've Been:Its Low tempoed well for me...Just telling us Naeto's been thru it all
fav line:Hard times turn a man to a mover...

You Know my P: This song oozes confidence...and the beats okay Could he have done it without Ikechukwu? By the way, what's the P?
Fav Line:They got something to prove, i got nothing to prove.

This is what i do:Didnt just dig this one... The 1st verse was "building", "building", "building"
fav line:I'm like f..k you,i'm go hit the next spot,take all of my girls and go party at the next spot.

Kini Big Deal:The beat is infectious...and the song just grows on you... I totally love the chorus...and when you think abt everything in life... you've like Whats the big deal i can listen to the song back to back...
Fav line:my fav view you in lacy draws...i know u're not like the other girls i met ...u made me use condom but other girls i left...

Sitting on top: When i 1st heard this song, i didnt understand it... honest, it was...different...unlike all the trash we hear everyday... the song made u think...as in u actually wanted to here all the lyrics...
fav line:I used to work on jobs...but no matter how u add em up u never fatten up.

One 4 Me feat Wande Coal: Naeto C...RnB?...he needed help and he got it from wande coal...
Fav line...and if he ever does u wrong dont hesistate to call,i'll be there for u, u'll be there for me... (i use that line alot...lol )

Ringtone:i like the techno beat and whats the thing with this voice and piano thing....ehn ehn this is RnB Naeto C style...lol (BTW, Ur Ringtone is the sound u make when u guys are in the mood)
Fav line:every single show i do, i split my money in 2, so i can put some in the bank and purchase something for u...

Made in Lagos: Just wondering why Naeto would put this on his album, thought it was another storm all stars song...sha nice song its just a tush version of eko ile by jazzman...
Fav line:you know i set the standard so they watch me like silverbird cinema cause i'm number one in nigeria

Bami lo feat Morell:too slow for me o, the regular "i apologise i messed up" song the song has a sober tone to it,,,a persona behind Naeto...lol ,someone who could have any girl,almost turning mushy for this one..lol...come on
Fav line:I know you like Naeto you dont care about the C

E mara mma feat Saro Wiwa: hAs the highlife feel and is it me but naeto cant speak pidgin to save his life...lol....i like the song sha...even mumsie swayed to it...so they must have gotten something right
fav line:aka na ni mi pocket,everything cool, ego na ni mi wallet, everything smooth (dont know what it means sha..lol )

Superman: i like the busta rhymes beat...its the same naeto c "women cant get enough of me" music. BTW i wouldnt mind being called Superman...lol
fav line;25/7 i'm about new money,if i like the fast lane its because i'm in a hurry.

Gidi: i like the small kid intro...i like the beat too...i had a lot of fav lines o ,had trouble picking one....omo the chorus is tight...listen to this one and u'll feel like a million naira...has a way of making u feel more confident.
Fav line:i raise the bar up and watch you fall below

Ashewo feat Wande Coal: if its got don Jazzy...its a hit...what can i say... bloody good beat...nice lyrics...u just keep bumping ur head..i totally relate to this one... if she dresses better than u, shows more charisma, confidence touching the sky... and shes in a music video doesnt mean shes an ashi...right back at u, THE GAME
fav line:...she used be yours but now she say she be mine...

Facebook:slow for me again...the sound of the piano was drowning his voice... the chorus and hook took a large part of the song...
fav line:girlfriend u like my swagger and i know this, but it aint choosing someone like me like a boyfriend

Dont Judge/Outro:isnt really a song...prolly just freestyle.nice end to the album.
Fav line:dont judge what u cant love,u shd leave it alone or let pass it to someone who appreciate it.

The Devil Is A liar:A nice start to the Naeto C story/Album...Dont know why...maybe cause we're a bit spiritual here...i kept saying amen sha...lol
fav line:when people dont what u doing,that is the window to exceed expectation.

Total Score= 6.4/10

I keep listening to the album, for me...you want ur confidence to be elevated, listen
prolly at the end, u'll watch with a swagger.
one word to describe the album, CONFIDENCE...
and Naeto's got a lot

Friday 25+07+08 (200)

i got the 200th user of my mobile dating service over the weekend...

you should think that i should be popping champagne and go out and party...

but in less than a year of business, i think thats dismal...

i could do better abi...lol

actually i marked it by wearing my 1st 18andabove tshirts...lol

anyways i'll thank all that have used my service till date

hopefully i have helped some lifes positively and helped in building
some relationships...

Thank you so much all...

BTW...i'm hoping to get to a thousand users before december 31st, so tell
your friends o....

Tuesday 22nd July 2008 (1st Dates)

The Big Two

Okay so you finally got her number and you invited her out on a date...she just said yes and then what?

Every one knows about "The Big Two". These are the normal/safe dates. They aren't very creative, but they are universally accepted:

A Movie - Inviting someone to a movie is definitely safe. It is probably the #1 first date. One good way to make it a little interesting is to let your date choose the film, or put a bunch of movie names in a hat and pick one at random when you get together. If you choose a movie you won't have to say anything once the movie starts. That can be a real relief if you find you are both tongue-tied.And going to the movies costs an arm.lol

A nice dinner - Another classic. As mentioned above, dinner out means that you are going to have to think of something to talk about for an hour or two. Sometimes that can be hard, especially on the first date. One way to lessen that problem is to go on a double date. If you go out to dinner you will have to carry a conversation all night long. That can be tough sometimes, especially on the first date.

Every one knows i do my things differently...i’d want the event to be memorable...
So my own dates are usually:

Getting ice cream together, shey i told u i had a sweet tooth.

Travelling on very short notice.

I love going to the museum too, if she’s interested means she’ll prolly be intellectual.

Also going on volunteer activities together shows she’ll care for more than my money.

Once we went kart racing, i practically injured an instructor...it was great we cheering each other on.

If you cant think of anythingelse, just do THE BIG TWO

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday 18*july*08 (added)

I have added a few more modifications to the service and this site
well thats if you noticed them sha...
For a period of time, i am going to be granting fellow bloggers
the opportunity to advertise their products and services on my site
(see examples on the right) and on my mobile dating service...
and yes its going to be free for a while...all you do is send a text
message with your blogger Id and the product or service you want to
advertise to me at kehindebadejo@yahoo.com or 08052472837...

Okay, the "18andabove"tshirts are going to be out soon...its only going
to be worn by folks that are single, so you can walk up to those people
and start a conversation cause,they are single lol...on each tshirt, you'll
also find the individuals's number...so if you're still shy enough to walk
up to them...u can copy their mobile phone numbers and call them later..
nice or not...BTW if u want the tshirts, u know who to cal...lol

Also i've gotten reports from users of the service that, their are folks
that are no longer active on the service...meaning

1. you're past 30 years...sorry,i've got an upgrade for you though

2. you're no longer single now...which is so so cool

3. You just dont want to use the service anymore...which is a pity
then you send "STOP" to 08052472837 and I'll bother you no more...

Cross my heart...lol

Thursday 080717 (blues)

Out of the blues, i receive an IM from bola...
i also met her online about 3 to 4 years ago and after a few dates
well if you call, she coming to my house 2 or 3 times, a date sha...
she just wanted to know how things are with me and stuff...

although i dont like that...as in when women from your past
that are still single check up on you...almost giving them a
"Gold digger" status...its the questions they ask...
Where do you work now?, Do you still leave with your parents?...etc

sha Bola,was or is different...she's blunt and usually says what she

so what am i going to do, see if shes still interested in a relationship...
cause i think she's mentally prepared for one now...she was so shy,
always made me feel as if i was kidnapping her...lol
Or should i just let sleeping dogs lie?

Tuesday 15%07%08 (inconciveable)

it was really inconciveable that we could sell our service
we were suppossed to go out of business in the 1st few years
text/sms/mobile dating is a foreign thing and nigerians wouldnt key in
no one was suppossed to use our service...lol

funny thing is, if we had not tried, we wouldnt have known...
and we were crazy enough to try...lol

we are in nigeria, made up of more than a hundred million people...
and even using the 20/80 rule or my personal fav...the 1% rule...
we had a market...

anyways, in the early days, we advertised on Music Africa...
yeah that scrolling thing just beneath the videos,actually you're
suppossed to send shoutouts but we used it for adverts...lol

sha it helped alot.

Monday 14/7/8 ( Business)

as someone in business is it a good to send business to your
competitors?...i think about that almost everytime...cause i
do it...
i figure there's enough competition already...my number one
competitor is you...yes, you...you introduce the babe to your
friend, or your uncle, or to a friend of a friend...or you
introduce the guy to your colleague in the office...eveyones
favourite pasttime apart from gossip...is matchmaking...if you're
not single...you're consciously matchmaking everyone u know...lol

sha i'm talking abt colleagues in this business...i send business
to people in other niches that my service doesnt provide for...
i realised from my start that i couldnt be the master of all,
thats why i cut out a very small niche for myself...

thats why i recommend that if you're above 30 and you dont believe
my service will cater for you....Go to Romeo&Juliet...its a good
albeit traditional way of matchmaking...

If you want to go for a speed dating event , there's that guy
on new dawn cant remember he's name now....I dont do speeddating...

If you want a flirting service, there are numerous ones in nigera now
tavia tech, think they got one at vibe downloads too...and you'll
just send a keyword to a shortcode...etc...and you pay

then there're also websites like...cant remember also but they're on
the blog too...just look to your right...

But if you want a free mobile/text/sms dating service for individuals
between 18 and 30...no forms, want instant matches, no complications
, no hassles
then there's 18andabove...lol

Friday 11th july 2008 (Good News)

Good news for you if you're Still Single and above 30...
"In Whispers" dont tell anyone yet o...lol
We have decided to relaunch PerfectMatch...yipee...
dont tell me you dont know how that works...

Anyways here goes...if you're a lady, you've got to be above 27
and if you're a guy, above 30...be based in Lagos and be ready to
Pay...yes so you know 1st hand o...its not free...
Yes...you've got to pay to meet this individuals cause they're
always so "busy" as "Ok" would say...lol and you've also got
to pay me for helping you to meet the man or woman of you dreams...

that said, all you do is call me on 016629614,
we meet over lunch or dinner...
and i set you up on 3 dates in 4 months...simple abi
if you dont like the guy on the 1st date...we give you another chance
with him on the next date...which technically still counts as one...
then you go on the next....guaranteed you'll meet someone you can
start a relationship with within that period...
Trust me....

Thursday 10/07/08 (Pacifist)

i am a pacifist in the mould of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandela...
we'd rather be hurt rather than go to war....even when the bombs
drop close to home, we still give the militants another chance to
change for their sakes...

i'd go to prison rather than fight...
i'd stage protests rather than fight...
cause i believe in jaw jaw rather than war war...

but sometimes wouldnt be a peace maker pass for cawordice...
wouldnt be a gentle giant pass for fear...
wouldnt turning the other cheek be regarded as stupidity...
or maybe what we fear most is that if we erupt it would be more
and we know that after the war has be won or loss,
after all the lives have been lost...
after all properties have been destroyed...
it would still be back to the conference room...

I could count all the fights i have gotten into on one hand,
but i noticed that i was always more afraid of what i would do
to the guy than what he would do to me...
I was afraid i could kill and i'd be on the run for life...
and i count what a few more seconds of sanity would lead to.

there's always a tipping point though and i hope we has a country
would understand that...if you push us to the wall...if you hurt
my family, my friends, my colleagues...i will not cower in fear...
i will destroy all you hold dear...
i will wipe you off the face of the earth, if its the last thing i do...
You're not man enough thats why you hit me when i turn my back...
I will hunt you down like rats that you are...
This is isnt a threath, its a guarantee...
that said...."deep breaths"...
really Pacifist am I...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday 778 (Possible)

I sit at the Large Desk, Mum and my twin by myside... my other siblings,my wife and my kids are also at the table... well there's one in the baby walker too..lol
so we're here to discuss my trip to Asia...i'll be spending a total of 2 days per country...
I get up and look in the distance...i can just make out ships at the Lagos Port...which was now one of the busiest in the country... we were having this meeting at the tallest building complex in Nigeria Nicknamed "The Center Of Lagos"...Its a 70 floor masterpiece, which had luxury Apartments, Offices, and i had built it with my apartment at the very top...so i could get to my helipad on a short notice...i waved back at tourists, i had opened a lounge for tourists from allover the world which was fitted with binoculars and u could see landmarks from neighbouring Ogun State too...

This was going to be the Tallest Building in Nigeria for only a few years cause the bruce brothers were also building one that had 75 floors...and i was building one at the Nation's capital that had 100 floors...lol Mum was supervising that, My half brother's bank was funding the project...
I had surrounded myself with the best in business and they were Family...lol

I finally married a babe who was indian,jamaican,ethopian and had Ijebu Blood too...lol
When this building was being built,i watched with trepidation..."how was i going to fill this with people" mum said "build it 1st, people will come"...lol

To believe that i could wakeup in lagos, have lunch in my wife restaurant in newyork, and sleep on my own private island... yeah i bought necker from sir Richard Branson a few years ago...all i have, from a brand started less than 15 years ago...18andabove has now grown from an event management company, to include 3 magazines, a radio station, one tv station...i've gone into real estate, telecoms...

kehinde!!! kehinde!!!, i better get back to the meeting, mum's calling me...

Kehinde!!!! its 736am, you're going to be late again...
Damn,what a dream...i quickly kneel down to claim all i can remember...
God's just reminding me, i've got to work harder...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

tHURSDAY 3-7-8 (10 Ways 2 Treat A Lady

Just like you are here reading my blog, I too take the time out to scan the blog scene. Some I tend to frequent more than others. Like I am over @ Blogxilla and I see an article too good not to post. Enough of me talking, read on!!

10. Oral sex is your get out of jail free card. Nice shoes & jewelry also work.

Going Down can change her mood… But make sure you give her the royal treatment I will be writing another how to eat p*ssy blog soon

9. If you f*cked things up and she seems cool with it. She’s not. (See directly above.)

get back to eating the coochie!!! Nuff Said. but be careful she might start faking being mad if your good enough at it… and that might not be a bad thing

8. She loves it when you tell her what on your mind, even if you don’t understand what you’re thinking.

Tell her what’s on your mind, we men like to feel like we can do it all ourselves but females are programmed to be supporters, listeners, etc let her know your master plan she may be able to help you get there quicker.

7. Surprises & gifts for Her = more loving.

Instead of giving your Extra dollars to TA-TA-LALISCOUS at Strokers stop by the mall and pick out something nice for your shorty. You might want to consult either her female Friends or your Female Friends before doing this. There are a lot of good sites out there that are not paying me to give them free promotion

6. You’re not her daddy so don’t tell her what to do.

Ask her if she can, or if she would mind instead of demanding she do something. Make her feel like it’s a democracy… wait our gov’t is a democracy right? Well scratch that!!! But give her an option.

5. If she is not feeling needed, she will start looking for love else where.

Tell her you love her, better yet prove it to her. You need to make sure she knows how you feel, and sometimes saying it isn’t enough walk up on her one day while she is doing something, washing dishes, cleaning the room, walking in the door, and just hug then drop to your knees.

4. Discussion of ex-gf’s and ex-bf’s should be avoided at all times.

Don’t talk about your past, and don’t ask her about hers. No one wants to be constantly reminded or feel like they have to be better than someone.

3. She likes loves porn.

Not trashy porn but good porn… SO BIG BUTT BROOKLYN B!TCHES WIT BOOGERS GETTING BACKSHOTS may be out the question. Buy her a toy, Butterflies, ladybugs, and Dolphins will do the trick.

2. She owns a MARY J Blige CD, and is not afraid to use it.

You know you did something Questionable, and you hear I’m not going CRY. [Or Rihanna's Take A Bow] Go for a walk… or see number 10

1. She loves it when you hug her from behind and whisper in her ear.

Hold a whole conversation in this position. The heat could hinder this so make sure the air is on.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Contentment In Life

Being happy is equated to been contented, pleased and been fortunate according to the Oxford Dictionary. Been Happy in the Nigerian context- well to the average Nigerian is having his basic needs met i.e Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Also been happy is correlated to wealth, friends, spiritual consciousness and having a good job. But we know that been happy is dependent on the individual because what might satisfy you the reader might not even have any effect on me.

Nigeria has often been described as one of the happiest country in the world i.e the country with the most contented individuals.But we know this is at face value, the average Nigerian is "suffering and smiling" going about "jejeli" on his own with an "e go better" attitude. The worse the economy gets, the more we adapt to the situation.

Scientists have stated 10 parameters for Happiness.

1. Make the most of your genes...
Happiness has been adjudged to be influenced by half what is happening now and half set point
determined by our grandparents, meaning that if your grandparents were relatively happy "ceteris paribus" your parents would be relatively happy and you also would be happy.
Then it was found that Extroverts tend to be happier than introverts. that is, a socially interested indivisual is usually happier than a person who lives a solitary, lonely life. Hence there is really no harm in going to clubs, joining groups and even going to mama put joints to interact.

2.Get Married...
Although the economic situation might not allow marriages cause it has been estimated that even a small marriage costs about N1.5 million, more than what some individuals earn in 5 years. Hence this might not really work, but it has been discovered that happy people are more likely to get married and stay married especially if there is trust, love and sharing. The closest to this is been engaged or live-in-lovers.

3.Make Friends and Value Them...
Relating to people makes an individual happy because sharing some amount of trust is a factor.
Almost every person needs a shoulder to rely on and a listening ear.Been malicious usually makes us sad. Been appreciated is what we all crave.

4.Desire Less...
It is an economic fact that not all our needs can be met with our meagre resources hence been happy requires us to desire less. The essential needs i.e Shelter, Clothing and Food bring a large amount of happiness. Coveting what you dont have is bad for your peace of mind and the more people have, the more they want.

5.Find God (or a belief system)...
Most nigerians are religious especially when it comes to football, i remember how many people
prophesied that we would win the just concluded African Cup Of Nations.It has been found out that believing in God or an Afterlife can give people meaning and purpose and reduce the feeling of being in the world. The most fearful of death ( like all Nigerians are) are those who are unspecific, or uncommitted to any specific belief system.
It also brings social interaction and support.

6.Do Someone A Good Turn...
The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. The more voluntary work you do, the happier you get. People who provide support to others are better off themselves.
They even live longer.

7.Stop Comparing Your Looks With Others...
Everybody is beautifully and wonderfully created. We are all beautiful in our own little way.
Most of us are envious of our friends bodies,the guys want bigger biceps and triceps while the gals want fuller breasts.(i watch dr 90210,so i know) Studies have found out that Good looking people are much happier. Health and happiness go hand in hand and influence each other. It is
also said that a good laugh a day keeps the doctor and sorrow away. The remedy to appreciating your looks more is "believing you look great" and "appreciating your body for what it does rather tha how it looks". For example, Great defender Taribo West and prolific actor Segun Arinze.

8.Earn More Money (up to a point)...
As we all know,wealthier people are much happier. Although a good paying job doesnt necessarily lead to been happy. Moeny buys status and status makes you better off. Studies have shown that it would take #70,000 a year (about 14 million naira) to make a person happy!!! Enough said.

9.Grow Old Gracefully...
Elderly People are just as happy as the young but are more satisfied with their life. The secret to this is to focus on things that make you happy and let go of those that dont. The old also remember the "good old days" and try as much to forget the present times. why songs now dont make sense to them...lol

10.Dont Worry If You Arent A Genius...
From experience, Know-it-alls are not appreciated. Been very brilliant is not a criteria for happiness. Yo dont have to be Einstien, rather, been a little above average is okay. Social intelligience rather than "bookish" intelligience is the key to happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind shown on your face. So smile everytime cause it takes abot 15 muscles to smile while about 37 to frown.Frowning also discourages appreciation. As Lagbaja would say "Put a smile on your face, no matter condition, feyin e"