Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SWIISM- So What If I Sell Makeup

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and guys...i'm back this year 009
What happens in 2008 stays in 2008 fellas, so i wont bore you
I made it to a Thousand people using the mobile dating service so i'm upgrading *Stay Tuned*
hope you like the change in template...

my new catchphrase now is SWIISM...yes o
okay i do sell makeup, and i'm a guy plus i'm not gay (so u know)
whats the big deal really...
okay i understand its what women are suppossed to do,
but whats that funny look i see in ur
I love beautiful women as you'll prolly know,
now i want to make them look more appealing to the eye.

I would want to know though...Ladies why would you want to buy makeup from me?
I stock all brands by the way, hope that isnt too much?
I have so many questions...hope you guys help me with the 1st two...
and wish me luck