Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Contentment In Life

Being happy is equated to been contented, pleased and been fortunate according to the Oxford Dictionary. Been Happy in the Nigerian context- well to the average Nigerian is having his basic needs met i.e Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Also been happy is correlated to wealth, friends, spiritual consciousness and having a good job. But we know that been happy is dependent on the individual because what might satisfy you the reader might not even have any effect on me.

Nigeria has often been described as one of the happiest country in the world i.e the country with the most contented individuals.But we know this is at face value, the average Nigerian is "suffering and smiling" going about "jejeli" on his own with an "e go better" attitude. The worse the economy gets, the more we adapt to the situation.

Scientists have stated 10 parameters for Happiness.

1. Make the most of your genes...
Happiness has been adjudged to be influenced by half what is happening now and half set point
determined by our grandparents, meaning that if your grandparents were relatively happy "ceteris paribus" your parents would be relatively happy and you also would be happy.
Then it was found that Extroverts tend to be happier than introverts. that is, a socially interested indivisual is usually happier than a person who lives a solitary, lonely life. Hence there is really no harm in going to clubs, joining groups and even going to mama put joints to interact.

2.Get Married...
Although the economic situation might not allow marriages cause it has been estimated that even a small marriage costs about N1.5 million, more than what some individuals earn in 5 years. Hence this might not really work, but it has been discovered that happy people are more likely to get married and stay married especially if there is trust, love and sharing. The closest to this is been engaged or live-in-lovers.

3.Make Friends and Value Them...
Relating to people makes an individual happy because sharing some amount of trust is a factor.
Almost every person needs a shoulder to rely on and a listening ear.Been malicious usually makes us sad. Been appreciated is what we all crave.

4.Desire Less...
It is an economic fact that not all our needs can be met with our meagre resources hence been happy requires us to desire less. The essential needs i.e Shelter, Clothing and Food bring a large amount of happiness. Coveting what you dont have is bad for your peace of mind and the more people have, the more they want.

5.Find God (or a belief system)...
Most nigerians are religious especially when it comes to football, i remember how many people
prophesied that we would win the just concluded African Cup Of Nations.It has been found out that believing in God or an Afterlife can give people meaning and purpose and reduce the feeling of being in the world. The most fearful of death ( like all Nigerians are) are those who are unspecific, or uncommitted to any specific belief system.
It also brings social interaction and support.

6.Do Someone A Good Turn...
The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. The more voluntary work you do, the happier you get. People who provide support to others are better off themselves.
They even live longer.

7.Stop Comparing Your Looks With Others...
Everybody is beautifully and wonderfully created. We are all beautiful in our own little way.
Most of us are envious of our friends bodies,the guys want bigger biceps and triceps while the gals want fuller breasts.(i watch dr 90210,so i know) Studies have found out that Good looking people are much happier. Health and happiness go hand in hand and influence each other. It is
also said that a good laugh a day keeps the doctor and sorrow away. The remedy to appreciating your looks more is "believing you look great" and "appreciating your body for what it does rather tha how it looks". For example, Great defender Taribo West and prolific actor Segun Arinze.

8.Earn More Money (up to a point)...
As we all know,wealthier people are much happier. Although a good paying job doesnt necessarily lead to been happy. Moeny buys status and status makes you better off. Studies have shown that it would take #70,000 a year (about 14 million naira) to make a person happy!!! Enough said.

9.Grow Old Gracefully...
Elderly People are just as happy as the young but are more satisfied with their life. The secret to this is to focus on things that make you happy and let go of those that dont. The old also remember the "good old days" and try as much to forget the present times. why songs now dont make sense to

10.Dont Worry If You Arent A Genius...
From experience, Know-it-alls are not appreciated. Been very brilliant is not a criteria for happiness. Yo dont have to be Einstien, rather, been a little above average is okay. Social intelligience rather than "bookish" intelligience is the key to happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind shown on your face. So smile everytime cause it takes abot 15 muscles to smile while about 37 to frown.Frowning also discourages appreciation. As Lagbaja would say "Put a smile on your face, no matter condition, feyin e"

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