Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday 18*july*08 (added)

I have added a few more modifications to the service and this site
well thats if you noticed them sha...
For a period of time, i am going to be granting fellow bloggers
the opportunity to advertise their products and services on my site
(see examples on the right) and on my mobile dating service...
and yes its going to be free for a while...all you do is send a text
message with your blogger Id and the product or service you want to
advertise to me at or 08052472837...

Okay, the "18andabove"tshirts are going to be out soon...its only going
to be worn by folks that are single, so you can walk up to those people
and start a conversation cause,they are single lol...on each tshirt, you'll
also find the individuals's if you're still shy enough to walk
up to them...u can copy their mobile phone numbers and call them later..
nice or not...BTW if u want the tshirts, u know who to

Also i've gotten reports from users of the service that, their are folks
that are no longer active on the service...meaning

1. you're past 30 years...sorry,i've got an upgrade for you though

2. you're no longer single now...which is so so cool

3. You just dont want to use the service anymore...which is a pity
then you send "STOP" to 08052472837 and I'll bother you no more...

Cross my

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