Thursday, April 16, 2009

eyeshadow & scoopsnija....Finally

How's it been Ladies and Gentlemen,
Its been a while be lying if i said it was just business
I really have been bored, wanting to do the next exciting thing,planning a trip

Yes, has been moving beautifully....i know, i know...still have those my customers that havent paid sha(ssshhh...dont tell them but what can i do but be thankful that they even bought from me anyways.

Anyone know where i can get Iman eyeshadow?...its only the powder thats so popular over here...Omo, I didnt know there were so many brands of eyeshadow o, until i went to the market to stock up.whew, so many to pick from...but for now, i've still stuck to Sleek,Tara,Bobbi Brown.So holla if u wanna.

Ehn Ehn,I 'm Having a makeup marketing seminar this weekend so i'll keep you posted, and yes finally i've decided to learn how to make ladies up.can i specialize on doing only their eyes and lips...prolly not....but dont you just love a well done lips and eyeshadow's that colourful.

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