Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday 15%07%08 (inconciveable)

it was really inconciveable that we could sell our service
we were suppossed to go out of business in the 1st few years
text/sms/mobile dating is a foreign thing and nigerians wouldnt key in
no one was suppossed to use our

funny thing is, if we had not tried, we wouldnt have known...
and we were crazy enough to

we are in nigeria, made up of more than a hundred million people...
and even using the 20/80 rule or my personal fav...the 1% rule...
we had a market...

anyways, in the early days, we advertised on Music Africa...
yeah that scrolling thing just beneath the videos,actually you're
suppossed to send shoutouts but we used it for

sha it helped alot.

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