Tuesday, July 29, 2008

suNdAy 27/07/08 (Naeto C)

I've only bought two nigerian albums this year...
the 1st was Sasha's first lady: she's the queen of nigerian rap...
and she's got an album...and i like female mcs
and the 2nd's Naeto C's You Know My P: i had listened to Sitting on top
and rocked to Kini Big Deal...and i'm like ...what wld the album be like...lol

and by the way, its not a coincidence that they're both storm artists...
they seem to be doing something right.

I would like to proclaim Naeto my own Nigerian version of Jay Z...
The Swagger, Repertoire and Confidence in Lyrics

Here's what i think abt each track:

Lagos City Hustler: its infused with Afrobeats, a joint you could always bump your head to....Naeto's a proud Ibo boi and attributes his success to been business savvy...
fav line:i rep the 2% but i identify with the 98

I've Been:Its Low tempoed well for me...Just telling us Naeto's been thru it all
fav line:Hard times turn a man to a mover...

You Know my P: This song oozes confidence...and the beats okay Could he have done it without Ikechukwu? By the way, what's the P?
Fav Line:They got something to prove, i got nothing to prove.

This is what i do:Didnt just dig this one... The 1st verse was "building", "building", "building"
fav line:I'm like f..k you,i'm go hit the next spot,take all of my girls and go party at the next spot.

Kini Big Deal:The beat is infectious...and the song just grows on you... I totally love the chorus...and when you think abt everything in life... you've like Whats the big deal i can listen to the song back to back...
Fav line:my fav view you in lacy draws...i know u're not like the other girls i met ...u made me use condom but other girls i left...

Sitting on top: When i 1st heard this song, i didnt understand it... honest, it was...different...unlike all the trash we hear everyday... the song made u think...as in u actually wanted to here all the lyrics...
fav line:I used to work on jobs...but no matter how u add em up u never fatten up.

One 4 Me feat Wande Coal: Naeto C...RnB?...he needed help and he got it from wande coal...
Fav line...and if he ever does u wrong dont hesistate to call,i'll be there for u, u'll be there for me... (i use that line alot...lol )

Ringtone:i like the techno beat and whats the thing with this voice and piano thing....ehn ehn this is RnB Naeto C style...lol (BTW, Ur Ringtone is the sound u make when u guys are in the mood)
Fav line:every single show i do, i split my money in 2, so i can put some in the bank and purchase something for u...

Made in Lagos: Just wondering why Naeto would put this on his album, thought it was another storm all stars song...sha nice song its just a tush version of eko ile by jazzman...
Fav line:you know i set the standard so they watch me like silverbird cinema cause i'm number one in nigeria

Bami lo feat Morell:too slow for me o, the regular "i apologise i messed up" song the song has a sober tone to it,,,a persona behind Naeto...lol ,someone who could have any girl,almost turning mushy for this one..lol...come on
Fav line:I know you like Naeto you dont care about the C

E mara mma feat Saro Wiwa: hAs the highlife feel and is it me but naeto cant speak pidgin to save his life...lol....i like the song sha...even mumsie swayed to it...so they must have gotten something right
fav line:aka na ni mi pocket,everything cool, ego na ni mi wallet, everything smooth (dont know what it means sha..lol )

Superman: i like the busta rhymes beat...its the same naeto c "women cant get enough of me" music. BTW i wouldnt mind being called Superman...lol
fav line;25/7 i'm about new money,if i like the fast lane its because i'm in a hurry.

Gidi: i like the small kid intro...i like the beat too...i had a lot of fav lines o ,had trouble picking one....omo the chorus is tight...listen to this one and u'll feel like a million naira...has a way of making u feel more confident.
Fav line:i raise the bar up and watch you fall below

Ashewo feat Wande Coal: if its got don Jazzy...its a hit...what can i say... bloody good beat...nice lyrics...u just keep bumping ur head..i totally relate to this one... if she dresses better than u, shows more charisma, confidence touching the sky... and shes in a music video doesnt mean shes an ashi...right back at u, THE GAME
fav line:...she used be yours but now she say she be mine...

Facebook:slow for me again...the sound of the piano was drowning his voice... the chorus and hook took a large part of the song...
fav line:girlfriend u like my swagger and i know this, but it aint choosing someone like me like a boyfriend

Dont Judge/Outro:isnt really a song...prolly just freestyle.nice end to the album.
Fav line:dont judge what u cant love,u shd leave it alone or let pass it to someone who appreciate it.

The Devil Is A liar:A nice start to the Naeto C story/Album...Dont know why...maybe cause we're a bit spiritual here...i kept saying amen sha...lol
fav line:when people dont what u doing,that is the window to exceed expectation.

Total Score= 6.4/10

I keep listening to the album, for me...you want ur confidence to be elevated, listen
prolly at the end, u'll watch with a swagger.
one word to describe the album, CONFIDENCE...
and Naeto's got a lot


    Yes whats the biggie...I dont care if im on the road or not...I sing out loud and dance to it.
    Facebook...kinda liked
    Ashewo.maddddddd tune.....toooo mad!
    Havent heard the album tho....6.4?

  2. @ naijababe...6.4 cause...i listened to all the songs...and thats ow i feel abt it...lol

  3. the best track i have heard so far is E mara mma, it is so right!! lol.

    change is waht we need

  4. How come u didn't review sasha's own.
    anyhw i dnt hv this album,i haven't been 2 naij n years bt ofcourse am feelin naeto,ikechukwu,etc.
    erm facebook i wud give 4/10 sha lol bt i wud give him 9 out 10 for effort cos HE TRIESSS mehn!

  5. Oh and am lovin one 4 me
    fav line: 'the love is bluetooth like my fone is'
    or sumfn like dat lol.

    shey and erm i dnt kno wat the p is bt i think its swagger,everything he's on = his P.