Tuesday, July 29, 2008

monday 28/07/08 (trying)

trying to remove the clutter in my lifet
rying seriously hard to organise it
trying hard to make sense out of everything that happens
trying to understand why i just cant expect everyone to be truthhfu
ltrying but knowing i couldnt possibly get the perfect lady
trying not to be wanting
trying not to fall in love
trying really hard to be a success in business
trying to be confident and bold in the face of adversity


  1. ure such a lovely person!
    i like your blank verses' very how to say!i dont know sha but ther's something about it!

  2. Ahh.. this definitely strikes a chord inside of me..


    Trying hard to be strong...
    Trying hard to keep my temper...
    Trying hard to be closer to God..
    Trying hard to find "someone"
    Trying hard to fall in love..
    Trying hard to to survive...

  3. @ thandiwe...Thanks for the compliment...

    @ tolantino...@ the end of the day, we're trying...