Thursday, December 17, 2009

2012 and then he'll be four


13 days till the end of 2009 and i'm already thinking of can't blame me really, i just
saw the movie 2012. I figure i need atleast a billion euros to ensure the existence of my surname... the ticket's for my mrs by the
(Now you've got to see the movie to "get" me)

Among other thing's i've started making plans for the coming years...think the japanese...who have 100 year limited mine to 3 years...till 2012.

In the past few days i've read so many books,
Anthony Robbins - Awaken the Giant Within
Rhonda Byrne - The Secret
Seth Godin - 99 Cows
Gary Vaynerchuk - Crush It!
Ben Casnocha - My Start-Up Life

Really Outstanding books, that i would recommend for anyone in a rut.

I get into that mode almost every december... That's when you're suppossed to take stock shey... its usually like i haven't just done enough. So my quest for ideas begin, hence i soak in information from all media, then i distill it, then i drink it up, i get "high" and finally i start again.

Yes, i got the mobile dating service going's starting off slowly,like a text or 2 a day, unlike at inception in 2007 when i got 20 to 30 texts per day.come on people.
That's the thing. when you start, be ready to go all the way, because a lull/pause in activity allows people to tune off and focus on the next best thing.

how many of you folks agree that when a man loves a woman there's no extent to which he couldnt go to make her comfortable? Like he could even do money rituals just to keep her.Most of the yoruba movies i watch nowadays seem to have that same theme.At the end of the day,the wife finds out, doesnt consent to it, the guy dies & then the lady continues to spend the money.why not kuku leave the money.

Omo, Ikira to all the mothers out there, una too gbasky... its really hard work taking care of children, especially 6 month olds... whew...yeah i'm on my leave and my sister came to drop her son with me... everything's all rosy till he starts crying...then i just get confused,
if i wasn't strong, i would cry don't just know why he's try to give him food, doesn't work.then you start patting him,with the hope that he'll sleep, no chance...
you let him cry and pretend he's not there, the neighbours come to check whats wrong
thankfully mumsie's around she handles it.
Hmmm,he's crying again...i'll be back in a bit i hope..."sigh"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Beauty" in a Bird's Eye

Hmmm… A list of theparakeet‘s Favourites.

My Foundation: None

My Mascara: Loreal Telescopic
My Blush: None

My Eye Shadow: Sleek
My Day Cream: Nitrogena Day cream SPF 15
My Lipstick: None (Use Victoria Secret Lip Gloss instead)
My Beauty Product Brand: I do various brands

My Essential Beauty Product: Sleek crème to oil pressed powder

My Favorite Makeup Product: Sleek crème to oil pressed powder

My Perfumes: Cerrutti Image, Angel Demon by Givenchy, Cool Water, Pink by Lacoste, Space NK

My Nails: I usually don’t wear nail polish

My Feet: Same as nails

My Hands: Varies from Vaseline to Dove to Nivea hand cream and in the past Avon

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Black eye pencil, lip gloss and pressed powder

Woman I admire for their beauty: None

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: None

How Do I Define Womanhood: Strength and Dignity

My Favorite Fashion Publication: I don’t read any.