Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday 14/7/8 ( Business)

as someone in business is it a good to send business to your
competitors?...i think about that almost everytime...cause i
do it...
i figure there's enough competition number one
competitor is you...yes, introduce the babe to your
friend, or your uncle, or to a friend of a friend...or you
introduce the guy to your colleague in the office...eveyones
favourite pasttime apart from matchmaking...if you're
not're consciously matchmaking everyone u

sha i'm talking abt colleagues in this business...i send business
to people in other niches that my service doesnt provide for...
i realised from my start that i couldnt be the master of all,
thats why i cut out a very small niche for myself...

thats why i recommend that if you're above 30 and you dont believe
my service will cater for you....Go to Romeo&Juliet...its a good
albeit traditional way of matchmaking...

If you want to go for a speed dating event , there's that guy
on new dawn cant remember he's name now....I dont do speeddating...

If you want a flirting service, there are numerous ones in nigera now
tavia tech, think they got one at vibe downloads too...and you'll
just send a keyword to a shortcode...etc...and you pay

then there're also websites like...cant remember also but they're on
the blog too...just look to your right...

But if you want a free mobile/text/sms dating service for individuals
between 18 and forms, want instant matches, no complications
, no hassles
then there's

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