Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Didnt Think Selling Makeup Was This Easy

Ladies and Gentlemen, its your boi...trying to make a living selling makeup

Okay so dont let your caption deceive you...lol, i'm really trying to console myself...lol
like anyone (thats your friend) will tell you, being a startup is not easy.
you have a thousand and one details to take care of,then you also need to keep your customer happy.

Really business is moving, i think, just that, Women,Women, kai...they want to negotiate to the barest minimum and on top everything they'll want to pay twice...lol
just imagine
You tell her the product is 1,500 yeah?, she beats it down to 950 then wants to pay twice.so even when she pays...she'll pay 900 and with a smily face tells you you cant leave 50 for her.
and shey you know i like fine fine girls...aaaarrrgggghhh...lol
I love my customers.

And una fit bad mouth...ah...lol, They'll be like this one is not good, its mary kay i use...even when they know mary kay isnt designed for the african skin...at the end of the day, they now want to use that reason to shortchange...
emi okin gba sha (i dont accept sha)...lol

Anyhoo,i'm at the teething stage right, so i cant give up now...lol
besides,i've had lots of people who do cash and carry,so i cant complain too much

A very important lesson when you're selling anything....do not touch your profit,till you sell all your stock...better still reinvest your profit into the business.

By the way, i stock Sleek cosmetics now o...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tara's Orekelewa to the Rescue

Whew....How was your val?...hope u had an exciting day with ur loved one.
I spent mine calling makeup distributors o...lol
didnt know Iman cosmetics was this scarce in lagos....abi people dey hoard am ni...lol
Sha i havent found one but i found ample replacement for my client
yep Tara's Orekelewa to the rescue,
I finally became a beauty rep yesterday
I registered and paid my dues....so i officially stock her cosmetic line now
and i think they're wonderful

Okay, so i got home with my products and sample, and mumsie....my sweet mum, even though she keeps saying its a woman's line of business, was the 1st to she mi lo wo (buy from me)....that in itsef is a blessing i believe.

Then a few of my sister's friends also bought although they've not paid o.

And today i had the balls to face my female colleagues at work, one bought too, with the others needing more samples...so i'm off to a great start abi

Ladies and Gentlemen, i'll keep you posted on subsequent marketing,sales and drama on the adventures of this guy selling makeup...lol

Ehn ehn, i found out that women buy makeup alot even during recessions...so if u want additional income why not start selling....i dont mind the competition...well unless u're on my turf...lol

Wo...i'm off looking for an Iman Distributor, Know anyone in Lagos?...pls i'm on bended knees, tell me o

(I'm sorry if i didnt respond to your match making messages, the service is on hold for now)

Ladies...pls if you'd buy a simple makeup kit, what wld u want to be in it?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ready for business

Ladies and Gentlemen, bois and girlz...not again you might say...lol
well i'm back and ready for business...another one you might say...lol

yeah its the makeup business ladies and a few meterosexual guys....whatever that is

I love beautiful women and if you read the last post i'm sure you know the major reason why i'm going into this business...and its not about the global recession o.

Thank you for supporting me ehn, and i cross my heart not to disappoint you.*sigh..now i'm in deep s**t*..lol and thanks so much for your tips at being good at this.
I hope you'll be able to endure all my own beauty tips o...it'll prolly be more of avant garde makeup tips.so stay tuned

A few people didnt even know about my mobile dating serivce, well i still run one...i just stopped it been for free for now.till i get open source code or i get my shortcode...i'm sorry if i just burst your valentine's day bubble (hopes of getting a guy or babe before then)

Hopefully and please pray with me that i get it back on track before the end of the year.

Okay,so tomorrow...i'm gonna get my first stock of Tara's Orekelewa...
I'm ecstatic...its a new experience for me and i hope i enjoy it.

(P.S, I was at the toni kan bookreading in case you're wondering...recognised a few bloggers too)