Monday, June 30, 2008

Conversations With A Babe 3 (OK)

Yeah i had to get this into this third in the series...Conversations with a babe...
This conversation is with a female blogger, cant tell you who she is, cause her identity had been COMPROMISED awhile ago...anyways enjoy this

For Conversation 1:
Conversations with a Babe

For Conversation 2:
conversations with a babe 2 (zephi)

18andabove: am back...sorry abt that...
18andabove: am sure u're tired of hearing me say
18andabove: cld we continue?
OK: lol
OK: not quite
OK: my PC played up too
18andabove: dont like using the word so reduces its significance
18andabove: like love...i think we use both words too much...witrhout meaning it
OK: i guess
OK: dont they say love makes the world go round?
18andabove: yeah
18andabove: do u know the opposite of love?
OK: I know its not necessarily hate
OK: but really I dont know
18andabove: its indifference...
18andabove: have u ever been in love?
OK: yes
18andabove: ow does it feel?
OK: great when all is going well
OK: but pain cant qualify what you feel when it goes wrong
18andabove: have u ever loved someone who didnt love u back?
OK: Hmm
OK: am not sure
OK: cant remember now
OK: no
OK: I actually haven't
OK: I've been infatuated with someone who didnt feel the same
18andabove: and ow did that make u feel
OK: ah...problem is I always get my way
OK: I had sex with him and got him out of my system
OK: I learnt a lot from that brief encounter
OK: so now when I feel a strong attraction for a guy
OK: I wait it out to make sure its the real thing
OK: its so easy to think infatuation is love
OK: once I had sex with him he was just another bloke I didnt give a toss about
OK: so at the end of the day I was not hurt
18andabove: yeah i guess so...
18andabove: and got it out of ur system...that easily?
OK: yup
OK: I was shocked too
OK: may be cos the sex was bad
18andabove: well, maybe u just wanted sex with the bloke?
18andabove: get out of here
18andabove: ow can u determine that by the way?
OK: Its hard
OK: I dont ever see a guy and feel i wanna have sex with him
OK: its never happened to me
18andabove: heaven didnt
18andabove: ok there's always a first time...
OK: I guess
OK: still waiting
18andabove: wat wld attract a guy to u?
OK: a guy to me
OK: I really dont know
OK: I get a lot of admirers
OK: they all say different things
OK: but mostly say cos am beautiful and intelligent
18andabove: like what?...okay if thats difficult...
18andabove: cld u describe ur sef physically...ur hobbies, role models etc
OK: oh i think I answered ur question the other way round
18andabove: intelligient but not smart...hmm
OK: am average size
OK: I'd like to believe I've got everything proportionally
OK: I dont have any role models unfortunately
18andabove: lepa or orobo?
OK: neither
18andabove: okay then wat do u enjoy doing...
OK: reading when I get a chance to
18andabove: coke bottle, maltina, sprit
OK: writing
OK: obviously which covers blogging
OK: and internet forums
18andabove: yeah...
OK: cinemas
OK: swimming
OK: talking
18andabove: oh u' shd really be fit then...
OK: travelling
OK: but I hate flying
18andabove: talking...i love talking to...
18andabove: wats the last movie u saw?
OK: going to see wanted this weekend
18andabove: ok so in SATC, which of the characters wld best describe u
18andabove: ok i have an idea now...
18andabove: staying there grants a sense of in no really cultural indirance
OK: I guess
OK: here I can be who or what I wanna be
18andabove: u're sexy, academic but loves taking risks...\
18andabove: brb
OK: I take a lot of risk...too many for my own good
18andabove: like wat was the last one?
OK: some guy I knew was rubbish for me
OK: but somehow I was hanging on thinking what if I was wrong about him
OK: it was a huge risk cos i was still hurting from a relationship that had marriage on the horizon
18andabove: okay?
OK: turned out it was a bad risk
OK: but I woke up before things went too far though
OK: the guy is back on my case now but I've moved on
18andabove: isnt it funny that we usually ask u guys out immediately after a
18andabove: almost as if we're praying for it to happen?
OK: yea
OK: I know
OK: but i guess we are conditioned to be like dat
18andabove: have u ever had someone love u(well thats what they say) but u OK: Loads of times
OK: its sickening
OK: and at the same time disheartening
18andabove: yeah, tell me abt
18andabove: i get that a
OK: because they are a lot more better than the sort of guys I fall for
18andabove: happens...
OK: but unfortunately they dont do it for me
18andabove: cause there's just not attraction
OK: exactly
OK: and we dont have much in common
18andabove: okay then
OK: but i did try to overlook that on one occasion
OK: thinking I could just work on myself
OK: but it turned out to be the biggest mistake ever
OK: after 6 months I was still struggling
18andabove: lol...ow long has ur longest relationship being?
OK: 3 years
18andabove: u try longest was a year...
18andabove: wat abt shortest
OK: 2 weeks
18andabove: beat mine was a day...and it wasnt a one night stand o...
18andabove: she said yes in the broke up amicabbly in the evening
18andabove: wat do u think i shd do?
18andabove: theres this chick really tripping for me but doent no ow to tell me...
OK: do you like her?
18andabove: and she has a 8yr old son
18andabove: u see we used to date....b4 she became pregnant years ago...
OK: what do u feel for her now?
18andabove: indifferenc
18andabove: so how do i tell her or show her that am not interested
OK: how does she show you that she still likes you?
18andabove: she comes around...
18andabove: she calls a lot...
18andabove: trys to be friendly with the family
OK: well stop picking her calls often
OK: when she comes around dont give her audience
18andabove: okay...
18andabove: wld u date someone that has a 8 yr old son?
OK: yup
18andabove: u wld...even though he belongs to another woman...\
18andabove: thats serious o
18andabove: anyways me i cant sha
OK: he doesnt belong to another woman
18andabove: the son i mean
OK: he will be fully divorced from her or whatever
OK: of cos
OK: that doesnt matter
18andabove: ehn long as he loves u abi...
18andabove: one of u called me a small boy yesterday when i said i wanted to ask her out
OK: lol
OK: well you probably are not what she goes for
18andabove: okay i'm 5 6, fine boy,and all the adjectives u used for ursef earlier...
18andabove: why wldnt u want me...
18andabove: not u in this case, but ladies
OK: there's more to a guy than his physically attribute
OK: and 56" is not tall for a man
OK: most women like tall men
18andabove: yeah i know...ehn thank
18andabove: funny that the women i've dated were always taller
18andabove: capable?
OK: of cos
OK: capable yes
OK: earns enough money to take care of their material needs like i said
18andabove: i hope u're not thinking wat am thinking?
OK: of cos
OK: its tradition in Nigeria
OK: men are brought up to work for the money
OK: women are brought up to spend the money
18andabove: so to be a big boi...u've got to be capable..
18andabove: although i dont know wat u mean by that...
18andabove: then u've got to have short be comfortable...
18andabove: spend all the money?
OK: for most girls
OK: but I dont give a toss about a guy’s money
OK: as long as he can pay his own way
18andabove: u
OK: we're cool
18andabove: abi o...
OK: although i wont deny it does help if he has a bit more to spare
18andabove: she's called me a small boi, abi
18andabove: so how do u change that impression when thats already ow she thinks?
OK: Use a different tactics
OK: act like u not interested in her
OK: become a friend first
OK: do stuff together
OK: just as friends
OK: and hopefully she may start to warm up to you
OK: but this is not a guarantee
18andabove: friends...ah...she'll just think u want to stay friends...
18andabove: okay...u already said its not a guarantee...but wld work for u i guess
OK: possibly
OK: not in all cases
18andabove: ok...i,ve u called someone a small boy b4? or looked at them that way?
OK: I have
OK: but that was then
OK: if i call someone a small boy now, it would be because I think he's too young to want the sort of commitment I want
18andabove: ehn ehn...
18andabove: thought age was nothing but a number?
18andabove: u cld date someone younger cldnt u?
OK: i could date someone younger
OK: only if we are on the same page
OK: if he wants the same things i want
OK: and he understands my thinking
OK: otherwise there's no point
18andabove: 8 yrs younger?
18andabove: just pray he doesnt call u aunty one
OK: 8 years?
OK: humm no
OK: I can only do maximum of 3
18andabove: okay then
OK: so is the interview over?
OK: lol
18andabove: no we're just getting started...
18andabove: u tired already?...if u want to stop no problem...
18andabove: but i think the major questions are next
OK: ok
OK: i got the next 40 mins before i leave work
18andabove: shd we rush this or we'll talk tomorrow or monday?
OK: rush it
18andabove: ok then
OK: Anywhere
OK: church
OK: uni
OK: work
OK: parties
OK: on the street
OK: car wash
OK: library
OK: thru a friend
OK: on the internet
18andabove: by sms dating...
18andabove: by using my service...
18andabove: so apart from watching tv, what does a girl...sorry lady like u do, when u come back from work
OK: internet and talking on the telephone
OK: i dont do much after work unless of cos am meeting a friend
18andabove: i thought u'd say "start getting ready for a date"
18andabove: lets say u were going for one, what preparations wld u make?
OK: same ol
OK: am not vain
OK: as long as i smell nice and my nails look pretty
OK: am good
18andabove: wld u want to go where he likes, or where u like?
OK: I can go anywhere
OK: cos am so indecisive I normally let him make the decision
18andabove: so in what direction wld u want the conversation to go...when u guys are talking
OK: I dont like to feel restricted
OK: we shud talk abt everything and anything
OK: but nothing too intimate
OK: Am a very liberal person
OK: nothing could kill a conversation
OK: i want to know as much as possible so that I can place the person
OK: if i like him, yes
OK: if i don’t, no
OK: nope
OK: am not a rude person
OK: I'll probably let him kiss me chastely on the cheek
OK: just not to bruise his ego
OK: if i like him yes
OK: if i dont no
OK: it doesnt matter
OK: things like dat dont bother me
OK: if he doesnt call by the third day i'd assume he's not interested in me
OK: of cos
OK: its not all down to guys
OK: if you like a guy u've got to make an effort
OK: if he doesnt call me by the following day I'd call him
OK: if he doesnt return my call two days later then I'd move on
18andabove: want to paint a picture here...u're looking at this tall,dark and handsome guy...speaking good english....comfortable...
18andabove: he asks u for a date & u say no....somethings definately
OK: not necessarily
OK: do I like wot I see?
OK: if I dont, then it doesnt matter if he's tall and handsome
18andabove: so like ow many guys ask u out everyday...dont exagerate o...
OK: It doesnt work that way
OK: I mean am a very busy woman
OK: I dont come across guys who can stop me all the time
18andabove: okay lets say a week...
OK: but lets just say there are usually up to 3 men on my case at any one time
OK: I've never been toaster-less
18andabove: did u know that...the average single person goes on 22 dates, has 3 one-night-stands and three serious relationships before "settling down with The One."
18andabove: so ow do u rate...?
OK: Never had a one night stand
OK: I cant count how may dates I go one
OK: loads I guess
OK: and I've had 3 serious relationships so far
18andabove: they're almost right...
18andabove: wld u ask someone to marry u...
OK: I guess if we've been together a while
18andabove: wldnt that be the height of desperation
OK: nope
18andabove: okay then
OK: desperation doesnt come into it
OK: its cos u love someone and u guys are good together
18andabove: it wld be "love" as i guessed
OK: if he says no, tough
18andabove: u just go on living life shey?
OK: of cos
18andabove: whats the significance of a kiss to u...?
OK: it shows intimacy
OK: such that you dont get from sex
18andabove: so which wld u prefer...the kiss or sex
OK: it depends
OK: they cant exactly be compared
18andabove: guess it depends on ur mood and the fellow involved
18andabove: so what 1st comes to ur mind when a guy invites u to his place
OK: before nothing
OK: just to hang out and have a chat
OK: but these days I believe he wants to have sex
18andabove: ehn ehn...really...thats
OK: so unless am prepared to have sex with him, I dont go
18andabove: lol\
18andabove: What wld you and your partner argue about?
OK: timeliness and orderliness
18andabove: his
OK: yes his
18andabove: How do you know your guy loves you?
OK: you never really know when a guy loves u
OK: love means different things to them
OK: but if he's there for me always am ok with that
18andabove: i guess so...
18andabove: Could you attend you Ex-boyfriend wedding?
OK: yup
OK: most of my split ups have always been amicable
OK: except for the most recent one
18andabove: mine too...
OK: so perhaps i wont go to his
18andabove: wldnt go to there weddings though
18andabove: Is it possible to love two guys?
OK: yes...but you will definitely prefer one to the other
OK: but the thing is the one u prefer may not necessarily have a trait that the other person have which you really need
18andabove: possibly...the question really wld be...cld u doubledate?
OK: so its still a dilemma whichever way u look at it
OK: I cant double date
OK: not because am trying to be moral
18andabove: okay?...
OK: but because my emotions do overtake me sometimes
18andabove: ow?
OK: so it can only be one man at a time
OK: which really sucks
OK: I wish i could
OK: lol
OK: i get pretty emotional
OK: wanna see him
OK: spend time with him
OK: bla bla
OK: cant feel/want that for two peeps at the same time
with both or either one...
OK: too much to handle
18andabove: Wld you date a guy shorter than you?
What about one with a different religion?
What about one in a different tribe?

OK: one at a time
OK: I'd rather date a xtian cos i want to remain a xtian
18andabove: ok?
OK: but i never say never
OK: i'd rather date a yoruba man
OK: but i could consider other tribes
18andabove: ok thats abt it...
18andabove: there's just this segment that i like a lot...i say a word and u reply with the 1st word that comes to ur mind...
18andabove: ready?
OK: got just 3 mins
OK: can we do it in that time?
18andabove: we''ll be thru by then...
18andabove: takes abt one min
OK: start
18andabove: love
OK: seldom
18andabove: blue
OK: red
18andabove: sex
OK: heaven
18andabove: attraction
OK: important
18andabove: guys
OK: trash
18andabove: blogging
OK: therapeautic
18andabove: Insecurity
OK: sucks
18andabove: Obsession
OK: danger
18andabove: Relationships
OK: great
18andabove: capable
OK: excellence
18andabove: Commitment
OK: great
OK: got to go now
OK: am out
OK: later
18andabove: okay bye
18andabove: thanks alot...


  1. first thing that came to my mind was ...... u had a long conversation :-)!!
    see girls n guys are obviously made out of different thots
    i hav always read that guys think about sex more than girls do
    did u like the movie when u saw it?
    boy was i glad i didn't pay to see it......its not a cinema-popcorn-coke movie its a see-it-cos-ur-bored-n-that's-wot-they're-showin-on-tv movie
    are u unhappy the son is not urs? or do u want to take the son out of the picture?

    not done readin yet!

  2. yeah we did...
    hope u enjoyed it though...
    yeah we all have diff. perspectives on issues cause, we different...
    sex in the city...emmm...i liked the series better sha...
    i def wld love to take the child out of the pic...