Tuesday, June 10, 2008

thursday 05/06/08 (Virtual Reality)

Its a weekend and if you're like me,you've already made plans or you would of done by the end of the day.
Plans,who you're going to spend the weekend with mr who'll be spending it with you.
If you're a guy,you're assuming she's coming for the sex right,wrong,
she's coming to be mentally stimulated.
She's coming because she wants to be assured she made the right choice.

I dont know the cost of dating anywhere else in the world but i do know that in nigeria,you'd spend enough to build a house:-)lol
cost of dates:atleast one per month=N10,000
cost of gifts on birthdays:N30,000
cost of gifts on val's day:N50,000
transportation to her house:transportation to events:N20,000
trip to the movies,zoo,etc:N50,000

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