Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wednesday 30/04/2008 (no more yahoozee)

Mon Gbona Feli Feli
Bi Amala to ji na gan gan
Dont hate me cause am hotter than you...

just realised that my melancholic attitude was due to the fact that i
was comparing myself again...yes it does happen abi...but if you do it
too much you tend to put yourself down...think about it,no matter what
you've got (material position) someone has got more...something keeps
everyone in the ranks and thats our brain,we use very little of it...
and i tend to improve on that atleast if i dont have the car yet i have
lofty ideas that could move the earth...

i was so happy when i realised that this was it...the secret that all
frustrated people out there dont f said a while ago, in
this race,we are in competition against ourselves and more so its a
marathon not a hundred meter dash...yeah there's the God factor but even
i think its in The book somewhere that if you just SAY to this mountain
MOVE,giving the realization that you think,you say and you act...simple...
so its all about you...figuratively...and dont say its my selfish self
thats speaking cause i know u understand...

Also just realised that i quote a lot from the bible, not a bad thin abi,
well to you, cause i can only recite about 1% of the quran...pathetic for an
alhaji to be...this i definately have to work on.yeah yeah i know my strenghts
and my perceived weaknesses,couldnt possible list them here could i?
okay lets see, there i weaknesses i couldnt possibly do anything about like
my height and there are strenghts that you think are trivial like my grey hair \
at 28yrs old,all of brand me abi?

just realised that its all about me,if its going to work,i'll have to make
it more tears,yeah am guilty too,i cry...ehn am a big
i cry to when things arent just going my way,they also help in realising my
pent up frustration with anything and everything, i also sulk too...which angers
mum alot...

just realised that i only have the map to my life although i havent figured
the "X" yet put am making discoveries...i have tried to bully people into
joining me on this treasure search and it has been s said
if people need you they'll do anything to find dont go out of your way
to make them like you...nobody could ever see the map of your life and understand
it except i wont live my life for if you're interested in what
you see join the band wagon...

just realised that to make it in my life you've got to break all the rules,and there
are lots more i want to break,the gist of all this is that i just have to believe in
myself,my map, i might tweak it if i want to but only me can sell the brand new me...
i've got to stay really positive also,and keep persevering,just think about it...macy
gray doesnt have a good voice,but she's got a grammy or

so how did i do this month ending hopefully on a high beloved chelsea's
champions league final qualifications...amin o...

This month i felt the disconect with God and it was as powerful as ever,cause i dont have
any excuse for saying my 5 dailies,going to asalatu,tahajjud,zakat...infact i should be
i spent a lot of time on things that wont increase my market value in any my spirituality
quotient is way low.
Almighty Allah, i,ve got great plans for May...please let them be fulfilled and i'll serve you
as best as i will...amin o

so to the next goal, i went for only one or two classes out of a possible 8 in the month,i fail wolefully
and i'll probably fail at this rate and a lot of people will be pissed, just that like in some instances
in life,when you're doing something new,the excitement curve just rises steeply, pans out...thats when we
become bored, and now rises slowly..thats when persistence comes in...just wish we could start mysql cause
of my business...

talking about my business, i think i did a lot more better this month,i bet a lot more people know about my
mobile dating service now,quite a few people have used the cbox,even though i've still not gotten round to
advertising again...thanks all,but obviously i'll still have to work more,use every opportunity to promote my
business...believe in what i do more

"so May,your path be rough"...said mr tai solarin of blessed memory...i would add if you wldnt mind sir,"so it can
bring out the best in you".so what do i have for may,apart from being positive,try to promote my business more,live
my life for me...
i'll also be adding the second "conversation with a babe", i got to chat with zephi this time...
very insightful and funny...

i'm also having a small one month self help/boot camp for all dem shy guys out there cause
as patra said "i dont want a shy guy, i just want a fly guy", so am going to help you expand your possiblities in
meeting the woman of your dreams,she could just be right beside u...u know what we'll go through it together, as i'll
be writing my own experiences here...
all you have to do is simple...u just have to talk...just say something to the next babe you see...
and we'll do it in bits,you sha didnt start walking one day, i'll write the timetable on the can join the
class anytime...and u'll be kind, just tell someone about the blog

for the ladies out there,since i dont want to run a site that sees women as the lesser sex, i'll also be running series of
articles about attracting Mr right to you, and no juju is

whew,i've written a lot abi,tomorrow's May Day o,lets all go to the stadium and march...or watch it on the

just got back from a sendforth...
heard am coming to work tomorrow

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