Thursday, April 3, 2008

wednesday 02/04/2008 (love dont love me no more)

got to work early today...yeah there was a fleet of brt buses at the busstop...which was so nice and so few people...i still have a deadline to meet and all my bosses are around me...directly at my back which i hate,it even gets me to do more errors...l comes online and really chat about relationships as usual, maybe if she agrees,i'll post them least the candid opinion of women...thats a nice idea o...get a few more babes or guys...or chats with experts...sha am still trying to get more stuff for my blog...and the service...atleast we're making of us is suppossed to advertise with a softsell...hold on, i have to talk to her...she hasnt still met the advert guy...thats not nice...rush home today, i cant dare miss the matches todayman u didnt disappoint their fans yesterday and i hope my beloved chelsea would make me happy today...and ps...anyone that says christiano ronaldo shouldnt be the european and world footballer of the year, shd have their head examined...i just pray he has a good spell at the european nations cup...

I need a man thats handsome,caring and down to earth.I need a lady thats sociable,motherly and intelligient.Yada yada yadaaren't we all tired of hearing and using this lines.all you need really is attention...loser.and Yes,you heard me right or read me right...lolin my world,need means desperation and also connotes some form of,remember when you were a kid,some of us still her,thats for another time,you tell dad i need 20 naira to buy biscuit,if you came from my home,using the word need,means i won't get it,and if by some powers i do get my way,its by getting been scrutinised.So why not replace the word need with am.simple.just tell me and also show what you bring to the table.Instead of needing all this qualities in someone,why don't you build this qualities in your self,your networth would increase triple fold.One of my other theories states that you should imagine yourself as a company being traded on the stock exchange and your networth appreciates and depreciates according t market forces,in this case,factors that affect our you are seen by the opposite would you want to be a stock like total or those in the tier b.The more you market yourself,the more confident you are in your abilities and the more you standout.just listen to the lyrics of any rap artist. So in short,try and market your qualities,you'll get a great market for brand you.

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