Tuesday, April 8, 2008

danfo toasting 101

the traffic in lagos nowadays is terrible,just forget ikorodu road.
Anyways lets blog abi,have you ever tried to toast...okay even have just a conversation with a babe in a danfo...its both hilarious and interesting.if you're the guy,you've got to be really bold and confident while if you're the chick,get ready to go pink in the cheeks.

Anyways lets use a guys experience...ok mine (am the dating/relationship lab rat abi)
boy can take three routes home,but sights a babe in the opebi bus,jumps in, regardless that its double the fare, but not before an old woman sits in the middle,ol boy no one give up.

Boy:am sure you're used to the traffic abi,directed to girl but answered by old woman.

Old woman:abi,its this brt buses,everything in lagos now is blamed on the brt buses,lol


another 5 minutes of silence,

boy tries again,notices girl is wearing 3 rings but none on engagement or wedding finger.wearing multiple rings is in vogue now,although he's not into it,but he'll make an excepion

boy: you've got 3 rings but i can still tell you're single,so you're either a rebel or its this womens liberation thing.

Old woman: taps girl,e dey talk to you

girl:sorry i didnt get that

the whole bus is silent now,everyone's listening with rapt attention.

Boy repeats question

girl:its not that am single o,i just feel comfortable wearing them.

Boy:atleast she answered abi,
i bet you have a long cool bath,recline with your legs on the stool,sipping a cold bottle of la casera watching your Your favourite soap.

Girl:smiles,you got that right

sidetalk and glances by passengers watching a thrilling episode of "the love bus"
...e see as e dey toast am
the girl fine small sha
how she wan gree now,toasting inside bus
you go don no say the boy no get money
see as dem dey pour spit on top the woman

boy:can obviously feel the pressure,starts to sweat,confidence begins to falter...goes for the closure
so could i have your number,maybe i could call you in much favourable conditions.

Girl:hesitates,really thinking about it

old woman:my daughter,abeg give am,e don try.

Girl:gives me her phone,write yours.

Boy:taps it in


boy:tells old woman thank you.

Old woman:am her mother,and you were disturbing me.

that ended well abi,but thats like 1 in 40 cases,
so quickly:lessons
the conversation should revolve around the situation
keep it short,sharp and simple
go for the number,thats all you want abi...lol

shes not interested?maybe her command of the english language is terrible...lol

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