Thursday, May 22, 2008

monday 19/05/08 (i know i can)

i start my sage pastel training today...but i got to quickly add this

Act, look, dress, and smell like a man-- and attract women because of it!
Good morning...

I want to discuss a subject that I haven't concentrated on much,
but something funny happened yesterday evening & I want to share
it. This isn't the type of subject I usually talk about, but I want
to focus on it this morning...

I ended up going to dinner with several people, it was totally
unplanned. It was with the man that I've been dating, a young
couple that he knows, and 2 other male friends of his. We were all
eating dinner, enjoying some wine, laughing, sharing stories, and
having a great time. We were sitting outside, on this restaurant's
patio, overlooking a sidewalk in a trendier part of town that is
surrounded by hike & bike trails, parks, and restaurants.

There were all sorts of people going up and down the sidewalk.
Before long, a man came by riding his bike and didn't have a shirt
on. He appeared to be fairly good looking in the face and tall,
from what we could tell.... But his back was FULL of thick, dark
brown, hair.

The young woman sitting at the table said, "Oh my gosh... disgusting!
Look at that man's back-- he looks like an animal! Yuck! I'm all
for a little hair on a man, but if a man has that much he should do
something about it!"

In recent years the subject of "manscaping" has been up for debate.
It seems that many modern women (no matter their age) do like SOME
body hair on a man. After all, that is part of being a man... and
women like men who look like, and act like, men.

But it does seem that "too much" body hair turns many women off--

I've talked to several of my female friends about men who shave
their bodies (a trend that started a few years back). I,
personally, have NEVER heard one woman say that they like a man
completely shaven. Why? Because that takes some of the manliness

Some men seem to forget that they're men... and women who are
searching for a man are searching for just that-- a MAN... and part
of being a "man" is looking like, dressing like, smelling like, and
acting like a man.

At the same time, an influx of body hair (especially a hairy chest
or back) seems to also turn some women off. You do want to remind
her of a man-- and not an animal.

So here's my suggestion... If you're a man who finds himself with
"too much" body hair, some light "manscaping" may be in order. You
do NOT want to go off the deep end though and Nair your body or
make yourself shiny and glossy. There's just something about "shiny
& glossy" that doesn't suggest manliness.... You know... :-)

As a single man trying to attract women or sustain attraction in
that special someone, remember that it's important to be a man.
This includes:
The way you smell.
The way you look.
The way you talk.
The way you groom yourself.
The way you dress.
The way you act.

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