Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Be Gay

Today, I am going to talk about something that
I consider to be a serious problem when it
comes to succeeding with women.


Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against
gay people.

However - I do have a problem with normal guys
resorting to being something they're not just
because they think it will help them get girls.


Because usually, this type of behavior does more
HARM than anything else.

There are guys out there who make these
types of mistakes with girls...

1. Through no fault of their own, they
come off as "gay" around women, and find
it difficult to convince girls they are
actually straight.

2. They purposefully act gay, because they
for some reason they think that girls will
respond better to them this way.

3. They are afraid they might be gay because
they can't seem to get girls to feel attracted
to them and are confused and frustrated because
of it.

4. They have no idea how to get girls
interested in them, so they basically "give up"
and allow themselves to be alone and lonely
instead of taking the time to learn the right
way to get women. (ie: they forsake their

Believe it or not, I have even counciled some
students who wished they WERE gay, because they
have had such a difficult time meeting girls,
they would rather face the social stigma of
being a homosexual than deal with women.

But all this can be boiled down to one simple

Men have NO IDEA how to pick up women!!!!

Really - it's that simple.

Face it - no one ever bothers to train men
in the proper way to meet and pick up on

There are no classes for it.

There is no degree for it.

There is no training for it.

Most guys have to depend on their friends, their
family, and the media for tips on how to get

And this advice is almost always WRONG.

From this wrong advice comes failure, and

And that leads to even more mistakes.

Let me be clear - there is NO SHAME in seeking
help with women. If you're not happy with your
success with the ladies, it's because you are
trying to do it on your own.

Most guys are EMBARRASSED to admit they need help
with girls.

They think if they seek help with their love
life, they are LOSERS.

Because it's supposed to "happen naturally,"
right? It's something your supposed to
automatically know what to do since BIRTH.

Nope. Uh-uh.

Sure, some guys figure it out on their own,
but they are few and far in-between.

Most guys get "lucky," or they rely on good
looks and a fat bank account to get women.

Yet we see them as having some type of "secret
information" about women that we don't.

We think there must be something WRONG with us
because we have a hard time getting a girl.

But there is NOTHING wrong with us, other than
the fact that we haven't yet acquired the
knowledge and experience we need to be successful
with women.

Once I began to really apply myself to learning
everything I could about how to meet, date, and
seduce the fairer sex, what once seemed impossible
to me became much easier.

And it can become easy for you too - IF you allow
yourself to flexibility to learn.


  1. whats worse than a guy thats gay...?
    a guy that thinks he's gay...
    who believes that if he acts it, he'll get the girl...