Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunday 17th may 2008 (A to Z)

Accent – Ijebu
Booze – Stout
Chore I hate – Washing my clothes
Dogs/Cats –Cats that dont
Essential electronics – Laptop...connected to the internet
Favourite perfume - Cant remember the name
Gold/silver – None...prefer platinuim
Hometown – ijebu ode
Insomnia – Yeah, wheni have lots of ideas
Job title – Accounts officer/Data Administrator
Kids - Not yet
Living arrangements – Share with my mum
Most admired trait - my smile could melt ice.
Number of sexual partners – Not sure
Overnight hospital stays – Yeah for up to a month...
Phobia - Poverty
Quote – cant remember anyone now.
Religion - Islam
Siblings - 2 half brothers,2 half sisters,2 sisters and a brother
Time I usually awake – 5am,pray,sleep again,then wake fully by 7am...applies only to weekdays
Unusual talent – i can speed read
Vegetable I refuse to eat – none i can think of
Worst habit - surfing d net at work
X-rays – a few....
Yummy foods I make – indomie,dodo,eggsand beef
Zodiac sign – Libra

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