Thursday, February 14, 2008

thursday february 14 2008

so its another valentines day and am single customary for me on this day, i switch off my phone,cant just stand all the acts of love that people exagerate on this day, then i have a lot of toasters and admirers who would want a lil something something for me...and money no i dont celebrate valentine...rather than spend all that money on one girl, why dont we just go and volunteer ourselves at an orphanage...
by now u also know that i've not started my mobile dating service...i havent been able to have a sitdown with the software guy...also i dont have a lot of cash at the moment...scratch that i dont have cash at the moment...and no phoneso i've been spending the last two days building another database on access,practicing really,and thinking of our i'll incorporate the mobile dating on my blog well until i sort the money issue out...hope blogspot allows stay tuned on this page.
my most memorable valentine was when we had a promo during the early days...i hopw we wld be able to continue was called 14 free dates on feb 14...then we used to charge 4,000 per individual to match them together but from the 7th to the 13th we would throw our phone lines open and matched those who called in free...take them out on dates at restaurants or fastfood was really stressful but we enjoyed it...well,we did the promo only once like this since then we dont take them out anymore...then if there were some of our clients still single...because its our fault...or theirs...we send roses.chocolate and recharge cards to make up...
so tonight, its going to be me,mum and the tv or my laptop...well am thinking of buying chocolate so i'll val my
so no sex tonight...sob..we isnt that what you guys do tonight anyways...are u going to spend all ur money on that babe and u wont get atleast a peek,babe do u think he's getting you drunk so that he can then drive you to your house without doing nothing...well if he does,he's definately gay...lolbut take it easy bo...use your head...and he'll use protection
got to get back to work...

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