Thursday, February 7, 2008

nitreme events 1

the idea

maybe one of the reasons i decided to start nitreme events...well it was perfect match then was because i was lonely or just bored or because i had a lot of potentials but no real couldnt call flings...babes...sha i can remember the day we had the idea vividly...i said we because i have or is it had...its been a while i heard from him or them cause he has a sister too she found a way to wriggle herself in...

well to the story...we,re at the office,my former one and we had nothing to do,moreso we hadnt gotten paid for partner had just gotten a phone then and not a lot of people call him...

me also, i dont get a lot of calls till now and i dont know why,maybe the fact that we were both shy(although some might want to disagree),didnt have friends and we didnt make a lot of calls ourselves,
so someone just said it aloud,am not sure who said it...but it was like "i wish i got a call from someone" then i had my eureka moment, why not start a business in which i would get lots of calls,we were brainstorming there and then...until i remembered an advert in a foreign magazine i had read... i buy a lot of magazines thats were i get most of my ideas from...i hurried home to get it...well my house and my former work place was in the same it back and showed was the advert for a sms dating service...he's smile said it all...we had a business on our arms

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