Monday, August 18, 2008

wednesday 13th 08 2008 (shoot)

Guys out there, i got one small advise for you...
Go for the one that's prolly out of reach...Heard
that thing about shooting for the moon and landing
among the stars...yes go for it...go for her

The one that's taller than you,
the one that looks smarter,
the one that steals the spotlight,
the one thats defiantely richer,

and please dont treat her like a other
words, dont suck up to her....thats how she's been
treated all day and frankly she's been waiting for you,
someone confident enough to blow her off her feet...

Just be original, cause even being a photocopy is not

Worst case scenerio,if she blows you off, i'm betting
one of her friends would be captivated by this guy thats
so unlike the others...

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