Friday, August 15, 2008

monday 10/aug/08 (crazy)

had this crazy idea yesterday....yeah i have a
lot of them...

okay, i learnt yesterday that, it costs far more
to fuel a car than to actually buy it....

i've been reading a lot of books recently just finished
"The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson and he's blog...
and i'm all for free stuff....i run a free mobile
dating service by the
ok, i had this idea, why not make cars free...
yes,car makers and dealers shouldnt sell cars to
customers, but give it out...yes, you heard me,
give it out...

how would they make money you ask,i feel that
car makers should work in conjunction with our
petroleum dealers...the petroleum marketer
just charges more at the petrol station...or some
superfuel for this free cars or somethings....

that way i'm guessing i'll get a car real
instead of forking out a lot of money for my dream

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