Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday 21/08/08 (ugly duckling)

i have a "ugly duckling theory" and you dont have
to subscribe to a group of ladies, lets say
at the club, a party, whereever...there's going to
be one thats a 3 while there's going to be a 10...i.e
one will look drab while one's going to look outstanding
the others will be in between, right...

3 consciously knows she's 3, while 10 also knows...but the
others dont know where they fall in between...the thing is,
in this group, who do you think will get asked out the most?
most of you would have said,the 10 right?...
you're all
3 gets asked out the most...
thats the "ugly duckling theory"

to prove it ehn, you try it the next group of ladies
you meet, which of them would you want to hit on....
i'm preety sure a 3,is the one u think you stand a chance with...

thing is, she gets asked out so often that it gets into her head,
she starts to form, what she doesnt know is that most guys really
want a 10 but dont have the balls to talk to her, so in effect we
manage the

Guys only need to realise that if you go for the 10, dont make all
those remarks o, as in really go for her intelligiently, you'll get
her...because guys really dont ask her they're scared...
they go for

go for 10,when you get her...all her friends that fall in between
want a piece of the action too, yeah cause they'll be thinking that
if you got 10, you must have done something right...

so my guy, shoot for a 10, at most you'll get the chicks in between
never go for a 3,well unless you have no balls...


  1. lol. interesting theory.

    Chose to read this cos u wrote it on my :)

  2. @ Tigeress.. Thanks sooo much...we're birthday mates by the way