Wednesday, August 27, 2008

saturday 23/08/08 (lil Black book)

Lately i havent been going out much, yeah thats
one of the minuses of running your own biz, anyways
i come across a ad in the paper about The Black
Book Of Success Seminar...and i just had to go listen,
maybe network with other startups...

Anyways i get there and we're like 700 individuals there.
i start trying to make contacts consiously checking
if i could see a competitor...hopefully i didnt meet anyone...

the various talks, were invigorating...
mrs Johnson really tried in making this stuff free...but off
course i knew it wasnt was just running on "freemium"
there were really 2 speakers...
niyi spoke about his business, the challenges he encountered
and how he was able to solve them...Niyi is a freaking salesman,
he ought to be cause he sells
he really made everyone feel good about starting a business
The next speaker was really more practical, he literally burst alot

anyways, the only thing i took away from the seminar was that...
in nigeria, everyone's always in the process of starting a business...
less than 10% really hard a workable plan...
only a few have funds...


  1. Hmm...interesting closing remarks...lets hope I can get my ideas off the ground

  2. @parakeet....abi and you know, you'll be a success in business...sha remember me