Friday, February 6, 2009

Ready for business

Ladies and Gentlemen, bois and girlz...not again you might
well i'm back and ready for business...another one you might

yeah its the makeup business ladies and a few meterosexual guys....whatever that is

I love beautiful women and if you read the last post i'm sure you know the major reason why i'm going into this business...and its not about the global recession o.

Thank you for supporting me ehn, and i cross my heart not to disappoint you.* i'm in deep s**t* and thanks so much for your tips at being good at this.
I hope you'll be able to endure all my own beauty tips'll prolly be more of avant garde makeup stay tuned

A few people didnt even know about my mobile dating serivce, well i still run one...i just stopped it been for free for now.till i get open source code or i get my shortcode...i'm sorry if i just burst your valentine's day bubble (hopes of getting a guy or babe before then)

Hopefully and please pray with me that i get it back on track before the end of the year.

Okay,so tomorrow...i'm gonna get my first stock of Tara's Orekelewa...
I'm ecstatic...its a new experience for me and i hope i enjoy it.

(P.S, I was at the toni kan bookreading in case you're wondering...recognised a few bloggers too)


  1. Abt the mobile fast can i get a date..val day is few days away.
    Goodluck on the makeup biz

  2. eeya, the mobile dating service as been suspended for'll back online soon though. so watch this space