Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SWIISM- So What If I Sell Makeup

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and guys...i'm back this year 009
What happens in 2008 stays in 2008 fellas, so i wont bore you
I made it to a Thousand people using the mobile dating service so i'm upgrading *Stay Tuned*
hope you like the change in template...

my new catchphrase now is SWIISM...yes o
okay i do sell makeup, and i'm a guy plus i'm not gay (so u know)
whats the big deal really...
okay i understand its what women are suppossed to do,
but whats that funny look i see in ur
I love beautiful women as you'll prolly know,
now i want to make them look more appealing to the eye.

I would want to know though...Ladies why would you want to buy makeup from me?
I stock all brands by the way, hope that isnt too much?
I have so many questions...hope you guys help me with the 1st two...
and wish me luck


  1. Where is this mobile dating service by the way??? Or is it your CBox?

  2. I dont blame you man. A man has to do what a man has to do. No matter what the business is, as long as it brings in the dough, i'm cool with it. Go get your money man, and after you do, invite does who were laughing at you to come celebrate with you.

  3. Welcome bck, thats whats the upgrade?

    I dont really use make up, but I dont think there is a problem with getting make up from a guy. If there are only male attendants in an underwear shop, wont the customer sdk him to go and get her her size if it isnt on the shop floor? Jo jo, that should be the least of your worries. Besides there are male make up artists out why worry?
    What you should be looking out for is if you have the brands that they go fo these days...if you do, you have nothing to worry about.

  4. Oh please! Yes I would buy makeup from you, if the products are good. Your presentation of yourself has to be on point...You need to be clean cut, fresh, smell good, and talk clearly. Just be you, and confident!

  5. Make up's fun. Believe your sex doesnt matter in the sales, what matters is what you have and the originality of your stock. Sides that, where's the mobile dating service, would like to explore that too... lol... seriously.

  6. Thank you so much for your responses

    Danny....yeah you could call my cbox the free dating service, i'm trying to launch the pay-as-you-go one.


    naijababe...thanks so much for your tips

    lady A...thanks

    Adejoh...thanks so much, you could actually start by using the cbox