Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tara's Orekelewa to the Rescue

Whew....How was your val?...hope u had an exciting day with ur loved one.
I spent mine calling makeup distributors o...lol
didnt know Iman cosmetics was this scarce in lagos....abi people dey hoard am ni...lol
Sha i havent found one but i found ample replacement for my client
yep Tara's Orekelewa to the rescue,
I finally became a beauty rep yesterday
I registered and paid my dues....so i officially stock her cosmetic line now
and i think they're wonderful

Okay, so i got home with my products and sample, and mumsie....my sweet mum, even though she keeps saying its a woman's line of business, was the 1st to she mi lo wo (buy from me)....that in itsef is a blessing i believe.

Then a few of my sister's friends also bought although they've not paid o.

And today i had the balls to face my female colleagues at work, one bought too, with the others needing more samples...so i'm off to a great start abi

Ladies and Gentlemen, i'll keep you posted on subsequent marketing,sales and drama on the adventures of this guy selling makeup...lol

Ehn ehn, i found out that women buy makeup alot even during recessions...so if u want additional income why not start selling....i dont mind the competition...well unless u're on my turf...lol

Wo...i'm off looking for an Iman Distributor, Know anyone in Lagos?...pls i'm on bended knees, tell me o

(I'm sorry if i didnt respond to your match making messages, the service is on hold for now)

Ladies...pls if you'd buy a simple makeup kit, what wld u want to be in it?


  1. Loving the new look...well done.

  2. huhn? u "like" Tara's products? on who?

    that said, i like her products as well, and if i were to buy a make-up kit, hmmm, lemme see, it should contain lip glosses, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and lipliner i guess... maybe matte powder.

    all the best

  3. welldone on starting the business...some of us start and end in our minds...

    A simple makeup kit would include foundation, lipstick and eye/lip liner...

  4. lmao...u dey kolo...sex singles wettin wettin???

    take ur time oh...in my church I am a good girl...

  5. Whew! So you are really taking this makeup biz serious? I like business, but i dont think i can do such. Good luck to you.

    ps: You've been tagged, check my blog for details.

  6. Hmmm great. Now the competition between all these make up outfits is getting stiffer than ever . . . Mary Kay, Sleek, Iman and co. Which one we go buy now? Now do you people have any products specially for men. No be only women suppose dey fine now.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments, e remain make una put hand for shokoto...lol

    @ parakeet,u like it...thank you o, i'm exploring my feminine side

    @ smaragd and afrobabe...thanks a lot for telling me the basics,now to develop my own small kit

    @ esquire...yes and thanks a lot.

    @ Geebee, enough products dey for men too o.i can send some to you if you want

    @ Naija bloggers award 2009....i don show for your website o...e remain make i win abi...lol

  8. Ofcourse we will buy make-up in recession times. The cost of looking bad is too much!...
    simple make-up kit..
    Black liquid eyeliner
    Black or colored pencil liner
    Gold eyeshadow ( I can do without)
    my IMAN brown powder
    Lipgloss with a little hint of colour.

    * I have much more than that in my simple kit...lol!

  9. If a woman can do a man's job, why cant a man, abi?
    Bad news...You may never find a distributor for Iman- they went burst!- Went into Administration last month! You mayb lucky to find a distributor now- but the stock wont really last

  10. @ bob-ij thanks so much...

    @ confessions of a london gal...thanks so much for your support. and the info i've dreaded for a while now....means i'll prolly distribute for another brand then.