Friday, September 5, 2008

friday 300808 (Conversation with a babe: Mz.Dee)

i always wanted to interview all the Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria since 1960, Insha Allah,i'll prolly still do it,but before then i had to start with my community, this community...i have had conversations with four of the most beautiful ladies in blogville...

now i got a
this conversation just blew me away...
mz.dee na you

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MZ DEE: so i'm guessin this is tankojetty?
18andabove: and only
MZ DEE: and u know who this is?
18andabove: emmm dee
MZ DEE: hmm.. took u long enuf! lol
18andabove: no vex....
18andabove: D.R.wat a name?
Mz dee: uh yea.. xceptional innit?
18andabove: love it....
Mz dee: thankz...but i can bet my life u;ve never heard it b4. and u'd do me a favour and keep it a secret?
18andabove: yeah i would....
18andabove: every thing we talk abt is going to be confidentiaal
Mz dee: ah ok.. good.
18andabove: R*******************....u from????
Mz dee: Take a wild guess love..
18andabove: i'm thinking....east europe...
Mz dee: hmm... some people consider my country european but I dont think it is...on the other hand... it is in the east.
18andabove: ok....
18andabove: russian, uzbekistein....georgia
Mz dee: nope....shud i help u out?
18andabove: give me a clue
Mz dee: its considered God's Country
18andabove: USA...
18andabove: wait...nigeria???
Mz dee: rreally... U.S.A was never mentioned in the bible.. as far as I know
18andabove: isreal.....
Mz dee: FINALLY!!
Mz dee: ok i'm from the last two countries.. Israel & Nigeria
18andabove: ow long u gonna be online for?
Mz dee: datz why my blog address is israelinaija??
Mz dee: um.. quite awhile
Mz dee: why?
18andabove: oh????
18andabove: ok then so we got time to beat abt the bush????
18andabove: so u been to isreal b4???
Mz dee: lol yea.. if U have the time i mean
18andabove: i do!!!!....lots sef
Mz dee: uh yea.. i lived there 4awhile. and its isrAEl plz.. not E before A
Mz dee: lol ok
18andabove: ema binu....
18andabove: u understand yoruba dont u?
Mz dee: uh....a veryyyyyyy tiny bit. still tryna pick up 4rm mumsi and her sisters
18andabove: ok....ow long u been in nigeria?
Mz dee: since I was born...I lived in Israel for a year wen I was 4.. so its quite a long time ago
18andabove: oh ok....and u're based in ????
Mz dee: Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria babyy
Mz dee: hmm.. i hvnt been kidnapped o
18andabove: so wats it abt PH.... u guys seem to walk with a swagger nowadays...
Mz dee: we do?? Ph is prettttty dry.. but I love the city
18andabove: yeah u do....well the ones based in lagos anyways....
18andabove: ever been to lagos?
Mz dee: uh yea.,. lots of times.
Mz dee: headin there next week sef
18andabove: nice...maybe i cld meet a really cute blogger
Mz dee: ah.. who lied and said I was cute??
Mz dee:
18andabove: so apart from ur beauty and ur height,watelse did u get from ur mum?
Mz dee: got my height 4rm my dad btw.. and dont be makin fun of my height!!!!!! I'm sensitive...
18andabove: me too????...
Mz dee: Got my hair, eyez, nails... 4rm my mum. hehe
18andabove: i'm just 5 7....for a guy...thats short
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: ur mum's isreali, right....
18andabove: got me thinking, ow manage....?
Mz dee: noo
Mz dee: my dad's israeli
Mz dee: my mum is 9ja
Mz dee: 5 7... ure still taller dan me!
18andabove: ok...must be love!!!!
18andabove: ehn ehn...i'm taller?
Mz dee: trust me.. u'd feel lyk a giant around me
Mz dee: anybody with growth juj shud hola at me abeg..
Mz dee: juju*
18andabove: lol...
18andabove: i used to eat a lot of
18andabove: if its by that alone, i shd be as tall as
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: so u're dynamite then....
18andabove: any positives abt being that tall?
Mz dee: i doubt
18andabove: seriously there must be....
18andabove: okay e.g....i'm at eye level with most women....
18andabove: and most women i know want a guy to look deep into their eyes b4 that 1st
Mz dee: Well....u cud alwayz get her to squat??? lol
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: at wat age did u get or give ur 1st kiss
Mz dee: i got my 1st kiss...wen i was 12.. later bloomer.. thank u very much!
18andabove: 12????
Mz dee: wasnt a french or nuthin.. jst one of dem dry pecks
18andabove: on the chick???
Mz dee: no on my lipz
Mz dee: but it was still jst a peck
18andabove: bet the boy ran away to hide behind hedges afterwards
Mz dee: u wish! More like I ran away
18andabove: lol...
Mz dee: i denied kissin the dude o....i fink it was cus he wasnt xctly kissin material dat time!
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: and ow do u determine kissing material?
Mz dee: Van Vicker lipz....fresh breath...and knowin hw to work a tongue..
Mz dee: not slurpin and lickin me like sum ice-cream
18andabove: van vicker...??....get away....
18andabove: anyways ever had a guy kiss u that way????
Mz dee: slurpin and lickin??? yes.... once. not my fave memory o!
18andabove: eeeeewwww....spittle everywhere....
18andabove: met anyone who really got it right?
Mz dee: i said its nt my fave memory oooo
Mz dee: yes i hv.................a couple of dudez actually
18andabove: couple?????.tell me something....
18andabove: wat number are u on right now?
Mz dee: on dudez i've kissed or dated?
18andabove: dated
Mz dee: criously or flingish? lol
18andabove: hmm...nice question.....seriously....
18andabove: like ow many?
Mz dee: dated 3 guyz criously. flingishly... can count o. quite a number.. not to be a slut or anything. but after two weekz, i get bored.
18andabove: in a relationship or the fling....
18andabove: a fling to me is just rebound....
18andabove: after a bamz deeelationship,,,u just want to hurt someone....
18andabove: then u have a fling...
Mz dee: a fling to me is jst hvin a bit of fun nd nt gettin into anythin crious
Mz dee: no.. i hvnt rily been in a bamz deeelationship... so i dont think ive ever used someone as a rebound
18andabove: ok...
18andabove: ok...u're jewish right????
Mz dee: no i'm christain
18andabove: ok....
Mz dee: i'm israel-9ja.. but i'm christain. Judaism is the religion
Mz dee: u cud be 4rm india... and become jewish
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: but not israeli
18andabove: i know\]
18andabove: wat do u do?
Mz dee: student 4 nw
18andabove: ok???....specializing in?
Mz dee: goin to specialize in mechanical engineerin.. and later on in life.. a gospel musician.. hopefully.
18andabove: ehn ehn....
Mz dee: still waitin 4 the visa dat'll get me into uni!
18andabove: u're like born again...born again right?
18andabove: oh ok????.
Mz dee: em.. i'm born again. fullstop..letz nt strech it
18andabove: so wat u doing till u get into school....
Mz dee: makin d best of my time left in ph.. a huge break 4rm studies if do say so myself. more like relaxin and babysittin kids... not an ideal life.. i knw!
18andabove: ok?
18andabove: babysitting kids....
Mz dee: so why do u hv a question mark everytime u say ok?
18andabove: hope u're getting paid sha
Mz dee: of course! I wudnt xctly be changin diapers for free..
18andabove: as in ok? usually means...anythingelse...
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: wat wld u rather really be doing?
18andabove: apart from in the bahamas....on the beach...
Mz dee: workin in a music studio
18andabove: ok...
18andabove: ow do u nurtue ur voice....heard some folks drink
Mz dee: nasty!!!
Mz dee: i HATE eggz with a passion
Mz dee: not to talk of drinkin them...
18andabove: lol...
Mz dee: yuk
Mz dee: i've got loadz of trainin tapes.. i'm alwayz screamin in d mornin...and i drink a lot of tea
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: ever had tomatoes thrown at u, at a singing competition
Mz dee: uh not yet o!... hopefully never will
Mz dee: abi ure wishin bad luck?
18andabove: lol....
Mz dee: well sha
18andabove: i thought every artiste went through that....
18andabove: in the early stages...
Mz dee: if i ever gt a tomatoe thrown at me, i'll knw it was tankojetty
18andabove: lol...
18andabove: wat wld u really want to drum into a guy's head abt u ladies...
18andabove: as in something u wish we knew from the start...
Mz dee: dont come on strong to a lady u barely know
18andabove: okay...
Mz dee: if i met u 5 mins earlier... dont ask me 4 my number 2 mins later
18andabove: lol....
Mz dee: cos u know.. sum guyz get all person within seconds and i rily hate that
18andabove: ow will i meet u again, if i dont get ur number now
Mz dee: naw... i mean if its obvious both parties are still gona be talkin 4awhile... probably at the end of the conversatio, he wud ask
Mz dee: ohand yes.... guyz shud learn to read body language!
18andabove: ok....
Mz dee: i;ve given all the hints that ur borin me and i dont wna talk to u.. and ure still askin 4 my number?
18andabove: ehn ehn...we understand
Mz dee: lol]
18andabove: okay a guy comes up to u...
18andabove: u get talking....
18andabove: he's making u laugh, u're having fun...etc...
18andabove: but u dont give him ur number....why wldnt u do that?
Mz dee: yea..
Mz dee: its either he has rily bad english or he's short and lanky
18andabove: lol...
18andabove: thought u'd like tall other way to
Mz dee: na.. i dont mind sum1 short.. as long he isnt shorter than me. but wen he's short and thin? so nt gona cut it 4 me
18andabove: wat's that special feature that wld attract a guy to u?
Mz dee: usually its my skin colour
Mz dee: but i'd think its my lipz actually
18andabove: ur lips....gat to see them
18andabove: wat do u find attractive in guys?
Mz dee: same thing.. lipz! lol... wen i see a guy d first thing i check out are his lipz, then shoes, then arms
18andabove: lips to kiss u with, arms u can wrap around it....but shoes?
Mz dee: to look good with wen he stepz outta his car...
18andabove: his car?????
18andabove: so i dont stand a chance with u then
Mz dee: lol i dunno honestly. Its a thing i got with friends back in sec skul. i hate wen a guy is lukin all fly and u see sum canoe lukin shoez dat cud transport ppl across the atlantic on his feet
Mz dee: na.. a car isnt necssary... jst sayin!
18andabove: ok
18andabove: lol
18andabove: so who introduced u to blogging...
Mz dee: The one and only icequeen
18andabove: u do know her personally right?
Mz dee: yup
18andabove: why let all those steam out...?
Mz dee: pardon?
18andabove: as in why do u blog?
Mz dee: oh...probably cos i just love the way the whole blogville community is. i love readin... i love commentin.. and most of all.. i love gettin comments!
18andabove: ok
Mz dee: bloggin is just a whole lotta fun.
18andabove: lol....we all those comments...
18andabove: even though its a chore going back to their blogs...
Mz dee: lol!
18andabove: how long wld it take for u to set ur eyes on him to get in bed with him
Mz dee: a couple of hard-workin monnths!
Mz dee: or weekz.... lol
18andabove: months???? ow long wld it take u to say yes????
18andabove: as in to the toasting and alll....
18andabove: or u still "think abt it"?
Mz dee: probably lyk 2-3 weekz if i'm feelin u immediately... on the other hand, it takez a long time 4 me to eff sum1.
Mz dee: he has to be rily crious bout an "us" kinda relationship
18andabove: eff???
Mz dee: oh please.. u cant xpect me to get all vulgarish here can u? *wide grin*
18andabove: u can....
18andabove: i use it a lot...
18andabove: when wld "love" come into the relationship
Mz dee: wen he can understand me without hearin an explanation.
18andabove: so u really have been in love before?
Mz dee: one guy. but maybe it wasnt love.
Mz dee: isnt* i mean
18andabove: oh oh....said anything to him abt it yet?
Mz dee: said a lot to him about it.
Mz dee: dsnt seem to be goin anywhere.
18andabove: i bet he's not listening...or he doesnt want to admit yet
Mz dee: the latter i think
18andabove: and u were so in "love"...well initially
Mz dee: i like to think that.
18andabove: so wat went wrong....?...
Mz dee: i think we both stopped being on the same page.. he seemed to get angry with me a lot and i didnt seem to understand wat i'd done wrong
18andabove: ok....its not that u got bored.....
18andabove: or the initial adrenalin rush declined
Mz dee: na i dont think so
Mz dee: yet
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: why use the name mz.dee?
Mz dee: cos i'm a Ms...and the first letter of my name is D
Mz dee: and well.. dee is actually my nickname.. 4 sum ppl dat cant be bothered to say the real thing
18andabove: thought so...
18andabove: i'm sure u get ur name spelt wrongly
18andabove: any goomz deeeason why i cant see ur face in this pic?
Mz dee: well i get "pronounced" wrongly a lot
Mz dee: uh yes.. yahoo messenger cut it out.. hehe
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: heard any unique pickup lines lately?
Mz dee: hold on let me get my phone
18andabove: ok?
Mz dee: "as a lioness u shud be a bold woman of honour and virtue. ur action shows u arre afraid of me. isnt it great to be a woman chased with hunger? do u c urself small>? Stand up and make love to me"
Mz dee: criously.. i cant even begin to comment on that rubbish
18andabove: lol
18andabove: wtf?????
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: ask me o!
Mz dee: i dont know how guyz come up with such utter rubbish
18andabove: is he a zoologist....
18andabove: or into
Mz dee: for the record.. i didnt give him my number! i totali dunno how he got it
18andabove: "Stand up and make love to me"]
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: u sure got some weird guys following u
18andabove: mz.dee abeg no kill
Mz dee: lol!
18andabove: so u ever used a dating service b4?
Mz dee: thankfully.. no
18andabove: why???...i run one...
Mz dee: yup i know. but u meet all sorts of weirds oon datin services... i'd hate to give my number out to the wrong person
18andabove: the next one'd be calling u a
Mz dee: true! lol
18andabove: so mz.dee, if i asked u, are u single?....wat wld u say?
Mz dee: you could say that... we took a break... been that way for a couple of months
Mz dee: wudnt get into anythin crious with any guy tho
18andabove: ok...
18andabove: u not just ready, but u wldnt mind a fling???
18andabove: thought guys were the ones not supposed to be commited?
Mz dee: rily? i dont see it that way
18andabove: ok?
Mz dee: i'm not askin 4 anythin... i'm definitely not askin 4 a serious relationship
Mz dee: jst a bit of fun.. if it comes my way
18andabove: ok by
18andabove: ever dated anyone younger than u?
Mz dee: nope
18andabove: got any book u'd want anyone to read?
Mz dee: for the ladies(esp married or pregnant women): Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
18andabove: for guys?
Mz dee: The Bible jo!
18andabove: lol
18andabove: just finished john grisham...the juror....very interesting...
Mz dee: i'm readin two john grisham bookz now actually. i love his writings
18andabove: nice....btw, wld u date anyone that had a kid
18andabove: wats a fashion no no for u?
Mz dee: those stupid kanye west stunners
18andabove: lol....
Mz dee: and colour rioting..
18andabove: gave mine away...
18andabove: 1st or restuarant?
Mz dee: restaurant...i wna be able to talk to him
18andabove: ok???conversation killers
Mz dee: talkin bout himself most of d time.. or only talkin about me. it shudnt be one-sided... then again.. talkin bout love for chelsea cud burn anythin i hv 4 u to ashes!
18andabove: chealse broke my
18andabove: now i'm in the market, looking for a
Mz dee: man utd!!!!!!
18andabove: yeah
18andabove: wait....u mean that cld actually determine ow long u'd date
18andabove: wats the significance of a kiss to u?
Mz dee: na it cudnt! lol
Mz dee: um a kiss could mean nuthin or something. dependin on how its done
18andabove: ok...a kiss or a f..k?
Mz dee: ummmm
Mz dee: a kiss
18andabove: did u try out for blogville idols?
Mz dee: no... i wanted to but by the time i finally decided to auditionz had closed
18andabove: ok...u guys evr made out in your house?
Mz dee: hellll yea
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: no disturbance????
Mz dee: not rily. was jst me and him.
18andabove: u, a guy and a snooker table?
18andabove: wat wld happen?
Mz dee: could u a gime sec plz? kitchn duty
18andabove: no probs...
Mz dee: i'd "attempt" to snooker or watever u do wen u play the game.. and he's probably stand behind me and try to teach me. wont take long b4 i'm facin him and makin out with him instead....... and well then.. u knw the works!---if its a guy i'm feelin o
18andabove: lol
18andabove: if u're not feeling him nko?
18andabove: cld u date 2 guys ?
Mz dee: if i'm nto feelin him i wont be there at all!
Mz dee: i cud fling two
18andabove: bad
18andabove: like ow many guys "toast" you per day?
Mz dee: if i leave my house? at least 3..
18andabove: and ow many really stand a chance for a date?
Mz dee: none!
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: yeepa....wat wld dey need to do, before dey cld?
Mz dee: uh.. look fine maybe??? talk properly?? not give me sum cheezy pick up line.. and definitely not front 4 me
18andabove: ok...
18andabove: i'm definately out cause i front a
18andabove: anyone proposed to u yet?
Mz dee: u front???
Mz dee: hmm!
18andabove: yeah i do...
Mz dee: front it termz of talkin bout hvin dis and that o...
18andabove: i pick the women i talk to sef...
Mz dee: proposed.. no thankfully
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: no...not that kind of fronting...
18andabove: u ripe for marriage arent u???
Mz dee: abeg i still hv lyk 3-4 more yerz b4 i decide to start thinkin bout that
18andabove:, wld u date a guy from a diff tribe?
Mz dee: um, if has every other quality and his family accepts me
18andabove: who in blogville wld u like to meet?
18andabove: i definately wld love to meet parakeet, naija babe, u and bella
Mz dee: lol any particular reason 4 that?
18andabove: 4 wat?
Mz dee: i wana meet invisible, afrobabe, buttercup, kay-shawn and chariiiiii. oh and LG! and sting
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: wld u date outside ur tribe?
Mz dee: i answered dat already i think...if he has all other qualities, we get along and both families are accepting--- very unlikely sha!
18andabove: so really no on both
18andabove: can ur voice break
Mz dee: no now... i'm not THAT gud.. or THAT
18andabove: lol...any song u cant get enough off?
Mz dee: Hmm... mogbono feli feli, bust it baby pt 2
18andabove: i totally loving...shawty is a 10....and igwe
18andabove: wld u call a guy u liked after the 1st date?
Mz dee: he;d call me if he was feelin me..
Mz dee: hun i gtg hv my dinner.... i'll be bk in bout 30 minz
18andabove: hmmm...if.i'm here...
18andabove: if not we'll finish tomorrow?
Mz dee: sure
18andabove: no probs....
18andabove: thanks a lot...
18andabove: btw, wat u eating?
Mz dee: pounded yam & egusi.. come n join me?? hehe
18andabove: yes o....
18andabove: wait which did u prepare?
18andabove: or u just put water on fire and mum did the rest?
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: the soup.. hope it tastes gud. seein as u were distractin me!!!
18andabove: lol....
Mz dee: tah.. my mother pounded.. i'm sure the mortar weighs more than me
18andabove: wait ow many pple u cook for?
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: 3
18andabove: u mumsie and?
Mz dee: yunger sis.
Mz dee: my dad dsnt eat 9ja
18andabove: ok?u eat as a family right
Mz dee: nt rily...
Mz dee: i'm gona eat in front of d tv.. my mum will probably eat at the dinin. and my sis will hide in her room
18andabove: u watching?
Mz dee: hey?
18andabove: u done already?
18andabove: u don belch sha?
Mz dee: lol...
18andabove: did i miss anything?
Mz dee: well yea.. an excellent
18andabove: cooke dby mumsie
Mz dee: no nowww.... me! lol
18andabove: u....ok cause u put the pot on fire...
18andabove: doesnt mean u cooked the whole
Mz dee: ii did! i did! i did!
18andabove: lol....
Mz dee: stirrin it is also sumthin!
18andabove: wats the
18andabove: lol////
18andabove: so...ow old's ur junior sis?
18andabove: if i fit be are sugar daddy?
Mz dee: hmm...letz jst say she's in her foundation yearz of sec skul
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: yeepa....
18andabove: ever dated anyone so old, they'd think he was ur dad?
Mz dee: hell naw
18andabove: ow do u wear ur hair?
Mz dee: usually natural... bout twice a year i do sum rily long braids. but i like my hair natural.. washed/blowried/straightened... i dont hv short hair so it workz 4 me
18andabove: anything u written in ur blog ever affected u in real life...
Mz dee: no....
18andabove: lucky
Mz dee: sumthing's affected u??
18andabove: yeah...lots...
18andabove: wrote abt something, someone read, told a chick,
18andabove: relationship ended..
18andabove: anyways...ow do u guys feel when mumsie and popsie start playing
Mz dee: happy actually! i love to see older ppl showin affection to eachother.. def a bit irritatin sumtimes
18andabove: eeya,,,den una two go join
Mz dee: hmM!!!
18andabove: anyone evr told u , u had a babyface?
Mz dee: na.. i dont hv dat roundish luk i think
18andabove: a guy's been eyeing for a while....
18andabove: has the confidence to approach you....
18andabove: u're not feeling him,, ow do u let him down easily
Mz dee: tell him i'm sorry but i'm not interested.. if he dsnt understand that(and most guys dont).. tell him to fuck off
18andabove: actually tell nim, u're not intersted...u're blunt o...
18andabove: finally u used the word
Mz dee: more lyk sincere?
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: as in u dont want to waste either your time or his
Mz dee: xctly
18andabove: u always online right?
Mz dee: kinda...
18andabove: why not lets finish this tomorrow...abt 10,11...if u're awake then?
Mz dee: in the mornin?
18andabove: no at
18andabove: yes in the morning...
Mz dee: at night wud be better..
18andabove: btw ...its a friday, wat u doin at home?
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: cos i may nt necesarrily be at home at dat time
18andabove: u know dey sleep?
Mz dee: hmm... were shud i go in PH?
Mz dee: plus i live quite far away 4rm the hottest spots
18andabove: dont know?...never been there sef...
18andabove: maybe one of this days
18andabove: so u stay locked in...watching movies, reading a book, and browsing...
Mz dee: na... as long as i hv friends dat are willin to chill sumwere, i;ll head out.
18andabove: ok...

18andabove: who’s more attractive between u and ur sis
18andabove: sorry abt that....its really pouring here
Mz dee: oh.. no problem
Mz dee: btween me and my sis? uh she's yearz yunger dan me
18andabove: so whos sexier?
18andabove: if u guys were walking together,,,,why wld i go for u, rather than are?
Mz dee: bcos she so wud nt give u the attention. she'd disgrace u if u walked up to her. lol
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: so u're the more liberal one
18andabove: do u have a black book?
Mz dee: na... i'm a gud girl!
18andabove: yeah
Mz dee: ure makin me seem bad o....
18andabove: forgive me....i'm still trying to place ur personlaity...
18andabove: so wats ur personlaity?
Mz dee: undescribable i think
18andabove: lol...see?
18andabove: i have this theory that if u and ur girlfriends are out on the town,....
18andabove: the guy that comes over, usually starts a conversation with the least attractive....
18andabove: cause he doenst have the balls to talk to the really attractive ones....
18andabove: wat u think?
Mz dee: i'm a rily outgoin person.. i can get rily crazy but deep inside ppl say they think i'm compassionate and soft..
18andabove: ok
18andabove: wat u think abt my theory
Mz dee: so...rily i dunno hw to place me either.
Mz dee: um no i dont think so.. its never happend to me.. but ive seen it happen with sum ppl
Mz dee: its
Mz dee: wud he want to use the least attractive one to get the the most attractive one? i think every guy knowz girls dont lyk being used
18andabove: ok?
18andabove: no not use....
18andabove: i mean he doesnt even have the balls to approach the really attractive one...
Mz dee: why?? guyz shudnt be intimidated...
18andabove: he figures he has a better chance with the less attractive ones...
18andabove: u look bloody fine by the way...well if this isnt ur
Mz dee: low self-esteem... datz wat i think it is and it shudnt be there in d first place
Mz dee: lol thankz.. why wud i put a pic of my sis on my messenger?? lol
18andabove: ok
18andabove: prolly cause she's finer???.lol
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: so really u'll telling me guys shouldnt even think abt not getting the girl....
18andabove: they shd just start a frigging conversation....
18andabove: well if they're interested in her...
Mz dee: if he has wat it takez... yes. as long as he's not a freakin mechanic with ajegule english
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: do girls also feel nervous when we approach?
18andabove: as in to start a conversation abt the weather?
Mz dee: well.... dependz on the gurl right..i wudnt feel nervous but sum of the prettiest girls are terribly shy
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: in ur mind, u're thinking....oh my God, i comes another
18andabove: but in your opinion,ow wld a guy have an edge...
Mz dee: by being and funny
18andabove: funny????....thats a bit risky
18andabove: wat if u dont
Mz dee: well then u know i'm not findin u funny and u shud walk away b4 i bitch slap u.. hehe
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: ok...funny and smart guy has the nerve to walk up to u....
18andabove: cracks u up...
18andabove: ow long wld it take for u to put him in one of ur folders....
18andabove: i mean....friend, lover, acquitance, no go area...
Mz dee: a day? lol
Mz dee: oh
Mz dee: a few weekz i guess... will hv to get to knw him first
18andabove: ok....
18andabove: ok...nice convo and he doesnt ask for ur number...
18andabove: ???
Mz dee: he's stupid. fullstop.
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: lol...or u didnt wear ur fav
Mz dee: then why did he walk up to me in d first place? hiss****
18andabove: so ultimately....if he walks up to u, while not go all the way right?
Mz dee: if its obvious i'm feelin him and there's heavy chemistry..yea!
18andabove: ok...lets say he asks, wld u consider it rude not to give him????
18andabove: or u'd give him out of pity?
Mz dee: no i wudnt conisder it rude... if i'm not interested, i'm not being rude. i'm being straightforward
18andabove: ok...
18andabove: he has ur number by rook or crook...ow long till that 1st call...
18andabove: hopefully he doesnt send a lioness text
Mz dee: lol! he'd probably call a few hours later if he;s got his game on.. or send me a txt sayin he rily likes my personality?
18andabove: ok....
18andabove: when wld be too late?
Mz dee: 2 dayz later
18andabove: ideally when he calls, better have a date set right?
Mz dee: not necessarily..
Mz dee: i'd prefer to get to knw him a bit on d phone.. and if i'm still rily feelin him.. set up a date
18andabove: ok...
Mz dee: i cant get all dressed up 4 nuthin na..
18andabove: lol...and u sure do dress classy...
Mz dee: how do u know that?? lol
18andabove: seen a few pics...
18andabove: wat if he skips all this...and that very 1st day....tries to convince u to go have a fun activity...
18andabove: book reading, movie,lunch....
18andabove: that wldnt be to fast for u?
Mz dee: it'd be wayyyyy to fast 4 me
18andabove: ok...u'd be praying he's not the kidnapping
18andabove: fastfood joint or restaurant....for ur 1st date i mean?
Mz dee: restaurant oo
18andabove: he's going to spend a lot more money
Mz dee: wetin concern me?
18andabove: well u're worth it
18andabove: nothing concern u abi....well till he stylishly runs away when he sees the
18andabove: i hope he gets a kiss after the date sha...?
Mz dee: um... if he deservez it na
18andabove: ow long till u finish ur sis assignment?
Mz dee: yea
Mz dee: long time sha. its a whole lot of essayz anmz deeeports she did over the summer that i have to type
18andabove: well u're being ur sis keeper....shd do the same for u, i guess...
Mz dee: i'm gettin paid o.... dunno wich sister keepin u on about
Mz dee: lol
18andabove: LOL....
18andabove: wld u date someone u're close to....cousin, friend, bestfriend?
Mz dee: friend yea.. bestfriend yea.. cousin hell naw
18andabove: ur opinion abt sex b4 marriage?
Mz dee: up to every individual
18andabove: urs?
Mz dee: as long as its the right person. b4 or after rily dsnt matter
Mz dee: i'd hate to go thru all dat pain on my weddin night tho..
18andabove: ok
18andabove: heard u guys lost yesterday *big grin*
Mz dee: pity yea.....there'll be more matches
18andabove: dont worry...atleast u guys will be
Mz dee: *hater*!
18andabove: lol
Mz dee: are u a chelsea fan or wich one?
18andabove: not sure yet *grin*....chelsea or heart still with mourinho
Mz dee: na wow o... u sound xctly like icequeen
18andabove: i like the guys personlaity....
18andabove: ehn ehn....she isnt sure either abi....happens...
18andabove: so wat are ur hobbies
Mz dee: writin... dancin.. singin.. bloggin.. readin..hangin with friends.. clubbin if i had d chance!
18andabove: finished a book yet...?....started mine in 2005, not done
18andabove: when's ur curfew?
Mz dee: i dnt xctly hv one. parents jst wana knw where i am all the time, who i'm with and why i'm with them
Mz dee: lol.. ive started a couple. never gone past chapter 3
Mz dee: u there>
18andabove: yeah i am....
18andabove: just got a call from a friend...
18andabove: i missed an exam last
18andabove: prolly gonna write mine today or tomorrow
Mz dee: wat are u studyin?
18andabove: studying for a cert in MCSE...
18andabove: its a computer course
Mz dee: ok..\
18andabove: anyways...u wear stilettos alot i guess...
18andabove: btw, whos taller, u or ur sis?
Mz dee: lol yea i do.. uh we';re the same height actually. but she;s def gna be taller than me
18andabove: lol...
18andabove: u guys share a room?
Mz dee: nope
18andabove: ok...shared a guy
Mz dee: she's not even in her teen yearz!
18andabove: lol....
18andabove: ever had a pregnancy scare?
Mz dee: twice
18andabove: you spoke to mumsie abt it, or dealt with ti ur sef
Mz dee: why in god's name wud i tell my mother.... i dont want to die early
18andabove: LOL....
Mz dee: dealt with it myself.. thank god i wasnt preggerz
18andabove: so to her u're still daddy's little girl
Mz dee: yup
18andabove: ever been caught in an embarrassing position b4?
Mz dee: lotz... dnt ask me to recall cos i wont!!
18andabove: LOL...
18andabove: did u know that...the average single person goes on 22 dates, has 3 one-night-stands and three serious relationships before "settling down with The One."
Mz dee: i heard it was 5 serious relationshipz not 3
18andabove: LOL...
18andabove: OW DO U RATE?
Mz dee: rate wat?
Mz dee: uh every1 is different
18andabove: dats wat i thought abt it
18andabove: cause i'm past 3 one night stands
Mz dee: hun i have to be on my way o....lunch needz servin and nid to finish typin..
18andabove: no probs....
18andabove: thanks so much for ur time...
18andabove: btw, u look really beautiful
18andabove: lipgloss.....and
Mz dee: lol.. thank u!
18andabove: u use little jewelry right?
Mz dee: na.. i use a lot.. but i was dressd up for a formal outin
18andabove: ok...hope u not broken ur neck yet
Mz dee: lol.. not thattttttt excessive!
18andabove: lol...wat u taking for lunch?
Mz dee: spaghetti
Mz dee: gota run
Mz dee: later!
18andabove: ok...bye


  1. yay!!!! First, this is long oh! Let me get to reading.

  2. MzDee, I'm another PH person. I guess PH is dry now coz of all the kidnapping. That sucks much. Nice convo :)

  3. lmao... i feel so riduculous readin dis nw! lol!

    @sabira: Yup it kinda is.. i still love am oo!!

  4. ahn ahn...kilode! dis post too long o,Mz.dee u cheatin on me oooo,I'll tell