Monday, June 8, 2009

Live your best life everyday

hello everyone....its been a while i've been here...and i've missed blogville,i still go bloghopping though and mighty me they're a lot of new bloggers on naija blogvilla now o,nice to see that...not that i'm so old

whew...i was practically forced back here by stuff that happened over the weekend..yelz. someone i know somehow thru a blogger died...and it just hit me the guy was just about 4 years older...and my world literally stopped.i wasnt acheiving all i set out to do (blogging inclusive) in the short span that God has gifted me with so i had to be back here....

Was feeling all romantic on thursday and sent roses to mrs boss at work,she and her numerous friends & colleagues appreciated it and i got a lil sumthing sumthing in return from mrs and she met mumsie for the 1st time on saturday,i was nervous all cause its like i just apparently sealed my movement from being single with the enough faaji to being HOOKED

Strolling hand in hand with mrs boss yesterday, i asked what she wanted from me this week and she's like "i want you to make more money".& i'm like yeah, what else, she said "thats all i want" and here i am begging you folks *prostrating-like its my traditional engagement*begging please buy my makeup

Business has been moving Insha Allah, I got a number of calls from nigerian bloggers who made requests and i am so humbled.and all my onigbese's have paid so things are really looking up.Like you all know by now, I deal in Tara,Bobbi Brown,Sleek,Black Opal cosmetics...thinking of adding lise too...
Well yelz ladies and (gentlemen-a la zac efron stlye)...i'll give you discounts.For now, i'm out....Live your best life everyday shey una hear.

FYI,Max Factor yelz, the make-up brand's gonna be disappearing from the market next better stock up o


  1. first!!!
    welcome back!
    sorry about your loss!!o ye olorun!

  2. that made u think. Pele. You and this Mrs Boss sef, ori lo ma pa orun.

  3. nice to have you back!
    Good to know you are ok.

    Wow! max factor has been around for ages!

  4. @ pink-satin.... ojoo ajina si rawon o...Thanks for stopping bye

    @ doll... thanks

    @ Parakeet... abi o...Na mrs boss dey do mi jigi jigi o

    @ eyeshadowjunkie... Thanks for stopping bye
    yeah max factor has been here for a while...just that ladies don't seem to want to buy it...