Monday, June 29, 2009

Relationship and Business

Been awhile everyone...hope you guys are all right

Business, business can often be comparable to a relationship.A few friends know i started my cosmetics business about 6 months ago, the same time i got the green light for a relationship with the mrs.

Both have gone through one major stage now and moving towards an essential stage.They have both passed what i call the "castle in the air" stage. For want of not been too dramatic yeah.When i started both ventures/adventures, i couldnt think of any other thing. it was either the business or mrs boss.

I had grandiose plans of world domination, my cosmetics business was the best thing since sliced bread. Mrs boss was just perfect and i had to marry her yesterday.She couldnt put a foot wrong.Then i would have smelt her armpits all she just needed to do was ask.Not that i wouldnt do it now...hmmm...anyway sha.hope youguys get the gist.

We sent messages everyday, i called her like crazy, couldnt wait to be with her.she always wanted to hang around me.she was hit by the "kehinde" bug.Everyone wanted to meet me to know what the "f$%k" it was all about.Trust i didnt disappoint.My Friends just wouldnt stop teasing me, i was tied to mrs boss strings.My relationship with the bois suffered, we couldnt go to trhe club together no more,we couldnt stare at chicks together no more...miss them it really didnt matter cause, it was all for mrs boss.

Business couldnt be better either,you know, when you start a new venture, well me,my family & friends are soo supportive,everyone fighting over themselves to be the first to buy or use the service. they recommend you to everyone. you get big contracts and money keeps rolling're leaving the are attracted to praise & reject criticism which could be good advice.You & your business are indestructible.


I noticed that overtime, the initial gragra started to wear off, the calls reduced,the messages started trickling,i didnt get "high" on her bodily fumes anymore.She cried (i hate tears), she vomits when sick (yuck). she loves high heels but still complains about her feet at every outing, I couldnt touch her everytime,
We couldnt have sex (shes religious)...i mean too religious.She "leaked"....I realised i raised my voice when she irritates me,i am lackadisical about my dressing,i didnt open the door for her everytime, i made fun of her alot,i was getting to possesive & jealous,and i didnt take her to the movies anymore.anyways you get the point.

I realised she was human.

Then i have to try and understand this human,who i wanted to prolly marry.could i cope with her wants and whims,her tears and cramps.I had to be realistic about us now.

Business slowed down,I had practically sold to everyone i knew...selling to those who didnt need it sef.Now i knew there were other brands in the market and its a dog eat dog world out there.I had to hustle more to get the least amount of sales.Selling makeup alone,couldntpossibly take me to uhuru could it.

I think the best thing about the "been realistic" stage are the questions and been know, you're not bullshitting yourself anymore.Noone needs to talk to you because inside of knowthe know that for the relationship to work, you need communication, talking about your goals and aligning it together for your future and acting. you know that to make more sales you have to be really
creative and hustle more.

I really dont know whats after this stage, and i sincerely hope its bliss.All i know is that its the "been realistic" stage, that makes or mars a relationship or a business.I think i'm dealing with both amazing well...well,better than i expected.


  1. Good to know you dealing with it well. I do like the way u have an easy style about u.

  2. Interesting stuff. Relationship and business. Learning from the venture can certainly help the adventure and vice versa.

    I hope to stay abreast with developments.

  3. This is real! There is indeed the blissful stage, and then you transition to reality where you think more clearly. I trust you will pull through in both areas.


  4.'ll be fine. Glad you finally realized what you need to make it work out

  5. The truth is every relationship, everything in life has the honeymoon stage, but with communication and a lot of work, we can make things work and then get the 'honeymoon' back.
    You'll be fine.
    Ps: you mentioned a publisher near your house once, pls i need to get in touch with you, can you pls email me on I can't find an email on your profile.
    Please would love to hear from you asap. Thanks

  6. Its the same...invest and work a little and then reap the profits!:)
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    @ Original Mgbeke... Thanks For stopping By...Yes I'm coping well.

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