Thursday, April 16, 2009

eyeshadow & scoopsnija....Finally

How's it been Ladies and Gentlemen,
Its been a while be lying if i said it was just business
I really have been bored, wanting to do the next exciting thing,planning a trip

Yes, has been moving beautifully....i know, i know...still have those my customers that havent paid sha(ssshhh...dont tell them but what can i do but be thankful that they even bought from me anyways.

Anyone know where i can get Iman eyeshadow?...its only the powder thats so popular over here...Omo, I didnt know there were so many brands of eyeshadow o, until i went to the market to stock up.whew, so many to pick from...but for now, i've still stuck to Sleek,Tara,Bobbi Brown.So holla if u wanna.

Ehn Ehn,I 'm Having a makeup marketing seminar this weekend so i'll keep you posted, and yes finally i've decided to learn how to make ladies up.can i specialize on doing only their eyes and lips...prolly not....but dont you just love a well done lips and eyeshadow's that colourful.

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  1. IMAN eyeshadows are not really the best, the brands you have a good enough. I like Bobbi BRown, but how come you don't have MAC and MARY KAY and Make up Forever? they are lovely, but i guess you have to stick with what the market will buy!


  2. Hey thanks for the shout but you got the URL wrong cos is not developed yet. The URL is

    Thanks a lot.

  3. i use iman too

  4. @bob-ij, i dont do Mary Kay,Mac & Makeup Forever cause a lot of people sell those brands...i bring variety to the market bad,i'll correct that

    @pink-satin...nice one,i've u tried other brands lately?