Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wednesday march 26 2008 (silence)

at work yesterday,mistaken walked in on a colleague
watching this was the second
colleague within like 2 months...i thought i was the
only one that was think that this were
people i respected alot...i hope it was just curiosity
and not an addiction starting for have
stopped sha except for those once in a while
come to think of it,should i tell them to delete it from
their history folder against all those audits? abi i
should help them do it because this guys are not
really computer girls watch porn at the office too?

talking of girls,is it that chilvary is dead or that the
hustle and bustle of Lagos doesnt allow us to indulge in it?
well i took the brt bus yesterday...after i shut down our servers
without really checking if everyone had logged out,took a tongue
lashing from a where was i?, okay we were
all standing almost jampacked almost like sardine,reminisent of
the infamous molue,eventually some people alighted and i got a seat
i was trying to compose posts for my blog and i could feel stares,
i looked up and there was this chick eyes pleading for me to be a man
and offer her my seat...should i? shouldnt i?the normal me would have
offered her a seat,me right now wasnt i could only smile...
felt a little bit bad but i still didnt get up...another oppurtunity lost
to make a good impression...

got home and settled down to watch the apprentice africa to learn a lil
bit more about entrepreneurship in africa...mum has been complaining
about my junior sister not staying at home since morning,her not buying
petrol for the generator (i hope a scarcity hasnt started again cause the
lines at the petrol stations have sure started).eventually she comes to
sit beside me,that usually means there's going to be news for me,it being
good or bad depended on how i took it...well i have a cousin or so,a single
mother,she had been squatting with friends and they were being evicted and...
i interjected..she should go and stay with my mum's elder sister because
i didnt think it was a good idea and dad wouldnt too...she said okay and
that she would inform my cousin...ironically at work, i was talking about
not marrying a single mother well except if she was angelina jolie or ini

saw the apprentice africa and unconsciously i felt the ladies,matrix corp, was
going to win this time,which they did...they were told to propose a new mission statement
and a new advert for sahara energy...Mr Shobanjo was thrilling to watch as usual
and i think he got it right by firing the guy...cant remember his name now...
although it was really tight...the lesson i got today was that,make your opinions
and suggestions known while it can make a difference not after...

sha was chatting with richard branson around 12am my time...well i was listening
to an interview i downloaded onto my a great time when s
called...she was one of them during my nysc in benin and we managed to still stay
in touch till now,before i go on..NEVER EVER START A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CORPER IF
YOU DONT WANT TO BE HEARTBROKEN...okay, so here she is telling me about her latest
escapade with another corper which ended disastrously...yeah the corper eventually
left her for someoneelse both distance wise and relationshipwise...this is her 3rd
corper relationship gone bad...i told it to her straight,just takes God's grace...
because usually its a year when youths just liberated from slavery (school and parents)
go all around sowing their wild oats...sha i think she got the message...

easter break,he's just a year or two my senior and he already has pressure
to get married,he's mum doesnt approve of a 5 year relationship he has with an
akwa ibom chick,a yoruba chick or nothing,but the problem lies in the fact that
most of the yoruba chicks he has met,he eventually leaves because of the slightest lie,
do you think he's ever going to get married?lol...
maybe it runs in the family because he's elder brother broke a record...em..."the
fastest introduction to family then breakup"thrice in a role..hope he keeps this one...

anyways got to work early today,mum changed her mind over the night the girl's coming
for just a month...i still dont think its good news...maybe because he paid a part of
the rent abi, or because shes my mum and she eventually gets her way like all of
sha am downloading podcasts now...tired of reading please read my own sha o...
make comments,use the mobile dating service,vote,call me if you want to...
ehn ehn i just heard of the scottish call...a flash means yes while two flashes mean no....
eg am i still single,just flash

just got back from a meeting with the wasnt funny...
he charged us to do so much in a short time...and if we didnt...i know no o

got to go now

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