Friday, March 14, 2008

Ashton 'punks' the media

Ashton Kutcher is up to his old tricks again - but instead of playing tricks on celebrities, he's working with them to turn the tables on the press.
Stories of Paris Hilton meeting with a bearded guru and Avril Lavigne sporting a potential small 'baby' bump turned out to be false, and merely promotion of Ashton's new show, Pop Fiction, which premiered on US channel E!
"I feel like we're undercover cops. I've always wanted to do something like this," said Avril in the first episode.
The 30-year-old Punk'd creator, who is married to Demi Moore, is credited as an executive producer on the show and has enlisted stars to play along with actors, such as Paris' fake guru, to poke fun at the paparazzi and fool the media.
"We're having fun," producer Jason Goldberg said of the project.
"But we want to say to people, 'Can you really believe everything you read and see?'"
Pop Fiction is shown on Sundays on E!

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