Monday, March 17, 2008

Hamilton rates win as best of his career

Lewis Hamilton has described his work in winning the Australian GP as the best of his career.
On an afternoon that saw World Champion Kimi Raikkonen made two critical mistakes, Hamilton didn't put a wheel offline as he began the new season in the best possible style. The Englishman's serene progress towards the chequered flag was in start contrast to the chaos that occurred behind his McLaren - and it was the faultless professionalism of his performance that gave the youngster particular satisfaction.
"This win perhaps feels better than any because I feel I've improved in many areas," he explained.
"I wouldn't say it's the perfect win but I think in terms of managing my tyres, controlling my pace and confidence and being comfortable in the car, it's the best race I've had so far," Hamilton said.
It remains to be seen whether Hamilton has taken a nine or ten-point lead over Raikkonen, but in any case the McLaren driver is convinced that he has a package to challenge - and beat - his archrival.
"We could have gone quicker so I am not bothered by Ferrari's pace," he insisted. "The car was phenomenal, a dream to drive compared to the car we had last year

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