Monday, January 7, 2008

most hyped naija female artiste

is it just me or is it that i feel that there is a competition for the most hyped nigerian female artiste i feel its a keen competition between ashionye and muma gee

ashionye...i think she was a much better singer as a member of emete and the best music they ever churned out and if am not mistaken the only one i heard was dance foe me...all of a sudden,the group broke up...dont they all...and ashionye,s on her own...em i think she,s has multiple personalities...there,s a beyoncein there,a shakira also somewhere in there,then this micheal jackson accent...shes a bit pretty though heard she acts too...that have got to she,d be a better actress

then theres muma gee,wonder what the name means? she comes out with a single "kade"...thankfully we cant decipher most off what shes know like in star wars...those aliens talking we dont get what they,re saying but at least it gets interpreted...i think there should be a remix for "kade"...this time with the transliteralition of the also i think there,s a multiple personality...there,s mariammakeba,mixed up with barbie,yeah there,s that blondish voice...then shes almost at every she invitedto all of wonder she doesnt have an album...she wouldnt have time for the studio...but i heard shes a guy magnet sha.em i couldnt get a pic of her alone so i had to use this

and guys this is just my opinion...members of their fan club,abeg softly softly when you see me oso what do u guys think?

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