Tuesday, January 8, 2008


thats the question someone asked me when i said i was going to have my own blog...and that it was going to consist of an online diary and that it,d be real time...as in like big brother
well as i said before and am stating it again...this is just an outlet for me to write whatever then if its real serious info i,d have to ask for permission from the parties involved...then also write my goals and be mindful of it...then finally since u guys are all gbeboruns...u guys read now.

so my goals for 2008 (insha Allah)
To draw closer to God
To finish my MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) course in flying colours
To continue with my business (Nitreme events)

every other goal is linked to all this..as in a subset of all this ones...it really makes it easy cause i know that everything i do has to have this undertones...as in its like a guide...hopefully every other thing will come with the fulfilment of each one.

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