Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Don Come Again

Hmmm its been a while o....Aaahhh close to 4months since i last showed up here...
so what excuse i'm i gonna give you guys...hmmm....wo, none ojare
in short i just got bored, and i had to deal with business....
i have even thought of closing this blog a couple of times, but i just eventually decided to leave it...
this serves as my online presence and yes a couple of people actually made orders...so i'm definately keeping this one...

Okay, i'm gonna try and give you recaps on all thats happened...well all thats affected me in the last couple of months:

Yeah, i'm still in the business of making people beautiful...nowadays i only attend to ladies who call in...so you get to be treated like a queen that you are...

I'm birthday mates with the best country on the planet, even though we had a lack lustre celebration here, waiting for the big 5.0. celebrations next year.

I celebrated my birthday on the 21st of October, and as usual i kept to myself (which wasnt funny, i've got a steady babe now)...i used the day to reflect on my journey in life...

Ever tried to live without social media (twitter,Almighty facebook,myspace etc)....well i did, for a whole month...the silence was worth it i tell you...you should try it sometimes...

I've also contemplated restarting my mobile dating service...yes, i got a lot of calls and text messages to continue with it.Hopefully that'll be with a twist sha...Ever heard of "audio dating"...its going to be a lot of fun.

And The Man Died!!!
Micheal Jackson died and some would say he was as popular dead as alive.
Gani Fawehinmi died, The only true Crusader i know goes to where the Old ones go.

Reforms (Sanusi) hit the Banking sector; GTBank is safe *heaving a sigh of relief*

Boko Haraam killings...to think people first thought it was another religious war.

A couple of music awards held...Both within and outside Nigeria.
2009 SMVA's , why didnt they screen it!!!...shey because the first one had hiccups? Kel won an award sha...Thats about it.

Weird Stuff at the MAMAs...all i can remember is Akon & Wyclef in their Briefs...lol..

The Emmys Held and some lady (Victoria Rowell) wore leftover "Obama" Ankara.
Enough Reality TV Shows....Centage Superstars, Koko Manshion

Comedy Shows....AY Live, Basket Mouth Uncensored

Some musicians dropped (or about to drop) albums, those i'm feeling....Omawunmi,9ice,Inyanya, Diamondz,P Square,Jim Iyke???, Lara George

Nigerian Artistes go on Hunger Strike...well some of them ...hehehe

Someone finally won 10 million naira on who wants to be a millionaire.

Whitney Houston Relaunches Career...

Jay Z dropped BluePrint3...

The (TuFace vs R Kelly i dont know him but he did a song with me Wahala).

Darey's "Let You Know" video hits our TV screen...Mediocre Song, Cool Video

And Serena Does the Photoshoot...

Rihanna goes Gaga....I love Lady Gaga by the way (shes a breath of fresh air)

and Solange Knowles shaves it all off...Me Like

The VMA'S hmm....Lil Mama, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and This....

The BET Award 2009...Wack as usual

Rita Dominic becomes new face of Nokia Africa... Thought we'd have her pictures on every new nokia phone "hiss"

Kunle Afolayan's The Figurine... Nice Movie

Virgin Nigeria ceased to exist, changed to Nigeria Eagles Airlines...duhh...What ever happened to just "Nigeria Airways"?

Ghana won the Under 21 Football Championship held in Egypt.They became the first African country to do so.The Nigerian Team just tried biko.

Jenson Button wins Formula1 Season with a race to go

Caster Semenya: male or female? hmmm...both

US Secretary of State Visits Nigeria...She really made sense...

They've been so much hoopla about white models who are made to darken their skin for photoshoots... abeg abeg abeg...i think this racism issue gets overblown sometimes... anyone seen "White Chicks" by "The Wayne Brothers". Abi.

There's also the thing about the nation's image been battered viz a viz "District 9" and "The Sony Advert". Nice one that Sony Apologised, i wouldnt wait for the Producers of "District 9" though... Better we make a "District 1" in reply.

Which brings me to "beef" not that kain..he he...meant "beef" between musicians....In the Red Corner Representing Chocolate City we have the Undisputed king of Nigerian Rap "MI" and in the Blue Corner we have...."Iceberg Slim"...dont know much about the dude...go ahead "google".

The major beef...i'm liking now is that between "Nicky Minaj" and "Lola "Angel" Monroe"... Nothing as captivating as a cat fight.

Guinness marks 250 years...if you have to drink, drink short brown bottles & i dont mean maltina.

Veda Laptops...Nice

Chimamanda Adichie's "The Thing Around Your Neck"...wish the stories were longer

And yes we muslims fasted...And your boy went all spiritual....I should do that often sef.

Finally was able to visit "The Icecream Factory"...if you're single,male...you better start visting the place... enough babes o... plus the icecream's really good.

Thats it for now...Expect more later...I said i'm back shey


  1. I actually learned a thing or two from ur post. Welcome back twinny.

  2. Wow!! Def a good job on the recap.

    Mobile dating? What is that?

    Welcome back!!

  3. @ parakeet... Thanks for stopping bye

    @ Repressed one... Thanks for stopping bye.. yeah i run a mobile dating service...its really easy.. you send ur age,sex & location to 08052472837. & u'll get matched...
    better still you can use the c box on ur right...

  4. Hmm! I'm just hearing of this mobile dating service for the first time, sounds interesting