Thursday, November 12, 2009

He/She who has ear's let as they like

Hi, Everyone!!! Hope you had a marvelous week...Good...
I've been scared emotionally lately and based on what i know now, i'm going to make a couple of sweeping generalizations (wunmi can stop reading now lol).

A girl will never forget her first guy...
A guy won't too because she was the one that gave us our first BJ, and now you have to do it too.

Ever loved someone who didnt think the world of you... me too.

What's worse? having feelings for someone who's married or someone who's gay?

Guys don't really want to get married. We'd rather have you as a live in girlfriend.

Women are as insecure as men...and more confused...
my last babe thought i was Insensitive,while my new babe think's i'm too insecure,
ladies & gentlemen, i have not fu cking

Girl's would really like to call our phones till our batteries ran out but...then we'd think they were psycho's shey

Okay, so if we really liked you...even it meant stealing a phone, we'd call you.

If he's married and you're dating him, he'll only leave his wife for you...IN YOUR DREAMS.

There's always going to be that girl that think's we're cute ...(fu ck us fo r free) even though we're dating you.

A woman will dump you if she's getting bored in the relationship...thats the reason why men cheat too ( well, one of the reasons).

If a lady has all your qualities, does all you do ...then goes 1% more...then consider yourself getting dumped soon ....

If you've been dating for atleast 2 years and he's never popped the question, then he's never gonna do it.

In fact, if you dont get married soon, you're gonna get dumped.

Most times, we make you think you dumped us,really...Ever heard?
-I don't want to stand in your way or hold you back.
-I don't deserve you.
-I'm so jealous of the guy who gets to marry you.
-hmmm...wo, you can add more" those are the one's have used.

If we call you out of the blues, it means we want to get fu really know that don't you?

If a friend (girl) treats you as a friend,she will not sleep with you,get your head out of the clouds, mate.If she did it once (out of sympathy),no she's not your babe, because she won't do it again.

There are really guys out there that won't doubledate.

If you cheat on your babe and you're upfront about it...yes *i'm not crazy*, there's actually a possibilty that you'll be forgiven.


If a guy wants to date you ehn, he'll ask you out.

We really do need to have sex!

You can check our phones all you want, Read all our messages but we'll only get caught if we want to.

Hmmm....all girls are up for some naughty fun.

Ever f ucked a girl while thinking of someonelse....well she does too.

We do CRY when we get DUMPED.

There are three kinds of ladies out there...
Those we're not just attracted/interested in (it's not your fault, it's just us)
Those we're attracted to,but we really just want sex
Those we wanna get married to

When you meet a guy, you instinctively know if there's hope or not.

If a guy makes you cry (well apart from tears of ecstacy), dump him now.

Yep I'm done now....*deep breaths*
Hope you enjoy the songs on my this space on my mobile/audio dating.


  1. and here people are calling me crazy cos I don particularly wanna get. married.

    girls need to get it tho...sometimes guys jus don want.
    Its flattering and all when they make d moves on me but sometimes its like...abeg...bitch fall back.

  2. @ Myne...wish i did o...but no, i've felt all this at one time or the other...

    @ skinny legs... i feel you... they really just don't get it

  3. i like this its funny...but i dont like the part that says " we really do need to have sex"..only bc guys and girls act like its a must in a relationship....nice blog

  4. @ the- damsel.... i'm sorry but it's the truth...well from a guy's perspective.

    @ muyiwa... thanks for stopping bye

  5. This is some deep stuff rolling here!

    I like the line about guys that don't double-date. I believe it because I have one that doesn't... (I've actually had some before that did, and yes, no matter how much u check their phones, you wont see anything. I guess I'm gifted with instinct!)

    Nice blog...

  6. relationships are complicated ... to a crazy extent... its better to just enjoy in bliss while it lasts ;)
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    and looking for discreet married dating.

  7. Ehn Ehn...feeling some of your points though. Well done

  8. @ Princess X ...Thanks for stopping by. Good for you... Hold the guy well well o.

    @ Anderson.... i concur, Have fun in ur relationship while it lasts or strive & struggle till you get married.

    @ Parakeet... Thanks for stopping by.