Friday, March 6, 2009

Makeup On Point....Check

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope you're having a great day...well you ought to "write your own script"...a certain bank seems to have the lockdown on creative phrases....okay its Bankphb,please patronise them sister works there

Ehn ehn, this is one of those posts that you have to quickly write down all you have to say before you forget please forgive me if its disjointed.and yes, i will join issues cause i dont want to write two posts.

Do you have those days that you just think about your job and you cant take it anymore? well i had one yesterday and i decided i was quitting.Yeah,I'm quitting my day job...and thats it...although its gonna take a bit of time....i have a schedule planned already.I just hope i stick to it.I have a lot of projects i would want to be involved in...might gist una later.

Business is really moving o and i actually need to pump in more in demand far overshadows supply.Luckily i've got family that can "risk" their hard earned money for me.

On this second batch of merchandise i bought, I got a diary, wrote all the items and the cost, but i didnt write my expected profit, dont count your chicks before they are hatched abi.So i have an agreement with my major client for now that i would be coming over every friday to restock or collect money...instead of hapharzadly like before.hopefully that will ensure that gbogbo owo ma pe (All the money will be complete).

By the way, would you beleive that the company actually increased the price of the products, Now i know how it feels when government increases the price of a shame that its my customers thats going to recieve the backlash.although i'll try to subsidize when i can.i'm becoming an economist abi using all this big big words.

And the thing about Iman is confirmed,she isnt bankrupt but her major distributor is,so for now you got to hurry before my Iman Cosmetics Stock gets soldout.

And i have mumsie to thank for all the advice, she's really got my back on this one.

Ladies,Now pause on reading a lil bit,take out your mirror and look into it....Is Your Makeup On Point? No smugs? No Blurs?....Now Clap for dont know o, i think i'm in love with make up and especially when ladies are creative with eye shadow (like the one above), easy on the red lipstick though.

By the way, i twit too....almost every minute...forgive me....i feel its more easier getting my thoughts across could drop ur twitter ID so i can follow u...well without pestering to buy my products


  1. I thought it was your picture! wanted to comment you 'cause it's really nice. Ummm today not really, but my glasses are on so it doesn't matter plus at least I used my IMAN sad about the IMAN thing...I have to stock up...Almost in tears! :(

  2. Making progress bro? I hope so... Have a great weekend!

  3. You didn't tell me you had a plan with regards to the job situation now. Ok wish you luck on that.

    If I invest in ur business how much return will I get?

  4. Congratulations on your business and thank you for visiting my blog.
    Unfortunately I do not feel comfortable that someone else uses my pictures but you can use some of my tips as long as I get credit for it. All the best, A.

  5. Thanks so much for your comments...
    @ bob-ij,so sad that Iman's off the market for now....enough substitute dey sha

    @ Danny B...Thanks for the Thats what i need right now

    @ Parakeet, My paddy no vex...hmm invest 1st

    @ Amina, thanks for allowing to use your makeup tips...i really do appreciate it