Thursday, October 30, 2008

30th October 2008 (400)

yeah yeah, i advertised but it was exhilirating acquiring the 400th user of my service....all this just within 2 weeks of making it to 300...i hopefully pray it wasnt a glitch this rate i'll make 1000 folks before the end of the year...amin o

And i often have to distingiush between active users and individuals on my database, i can assure you that active ones are growing active, i mean repetitive users...although i wish there arent that many cause it means you're trivalising it (my service i mean)

to counter that, they'll prolly be a deluxe version by the end of the year or early 2009...Insha Allah

they've been a few complaints i'd like to treat here:
I have clients complaining that they often try calling their matches but often dont get response...hopefully its the mobile operators just try and try again

Also the guys often complain that the lady doesnt call at all, my guy...i already done the difficult part for you, atleast i've provided you with the mobile number of a single female that lives so close to you that you could meet up before the end of the day if you wanted really wats making the 1st me the ladies wouldnt call unless she's that desperate.

Sending repetitive asl's over the same mobile number suggests to my software that you'd like to change your user profile,so if your friend's using your phone to get a match...means we end up changing your
btw, tell your friend to get a phone now...ow much be sim card

anyhoo,thanks again everyone and take care


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  2. Lol...u and this ur mobile service sha. Congrats on reaching 400!

  3. @ solomonsydelle...joined already....wldnt want to be next ah

    @ parakeet...Thanks luv

  4. Im also wowing here! It must be really interesting..

    Oh yea, congrats!

  5. @ buttercup and incognaija...
    yeah i do...its really easy to join or get a guy...
    you just (parakeet stop rolling your
    ehn ehn, you just send ur age,sex and location to 08052472837 and got ursef a match